[1.5.2] Assorted Wildlife Mod Download



e5262  uPXO8 Assorted Wildlife Screenshots

e5262  jgLpN Assorted Wildlife Screenshots

ecc1c  G6sn5 Assorted Wildlife Screenshots

ecc1c  sIujg Assorted Wildlife Screenshots

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ecc1c  ayJl1 Assorted Wildlife Screenshots

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ecc1c  KfuXL Assorted Wildlife Screenshots

Before ocelots, there were LoafCats!

ecc1c  fvHht Assorted Wildlife Screenshots


e5262  Assorted Wildlife Mod [1.5.2] Assorted Wildlife Mod Download

This is a compilation of the current released LostKingpin mods. This package includes:

  • Fishy
  • Gorilla Mod
  • Pygmy Mod
  • Centaur Mod
  • Anubis Dog Mod
  • Polar Bear Mod
  • Snow Leopard Mod
  • Infernal Hound Mod
  • Angler Mod


Requires: Modloader and AudioMod

PropertyReader included

These instructions assume you already know where your .minecraft directory is. And that *Modloader* and *AudioMod* are already installed.

Note: Its good practice to back up your minecraft.jar and world saves before installing new mods.

  • 1. Using your favorite archiving tool(for example 7zip), open Assorted Wildlife Mod zip file
  • 2. Then just copy the 2 folders (mods, resorces) to your .minecraft folder.
  • 3. Make sure Meta-INF folder is deleted. (.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar)
  • 4. Run game and enjoy!

Toggling each included mod on/off:

Modloader has this function built-in. After ModLoader and this mod (LK’s Assorted Wildlife) are installed and minecraft is started up at least one time. Just go to .minecraft/config/ModLoader.cfg and change the corresponding ‘on’ to ‘off’. Here is an example to turn the Gorilla Mod off. This can be applied to all mods in the Kollection.

  • mod_Rilla=on    change to
  • mod_Rilla=off   and restart Minecraft.

Properties file:

This mod creates its own properties file at location: .minecraft/config/LK.properties. The spawn rate for each mob is adjustable. Each are labeled. Only whole numbers are acceptable (1-99). And are applied after restarting Minecraft. Slower machines should use caution when increasing the spawn rate.

Labels for SinglePlayerCommands:

  • FISHY : lkfishy, lkfishy2 ,lkfishy3, lkriverfishy, lkriverfishy2, lkriverfishy3
  • LoafCat: cat, cat2, cat3
  • Gorilla Mod: gorilla, gorillasnow
  • Pygmy Mod: pygmy, icepygmy, sandpygmy, swamppygmy
  • Centaur Mod: centaur
  • Anubis Dog: anubisdog
  • Polar Bear: polarbear
  • Snow Leopard: snowleopard
  • Bird: lkbird
  • Angler: angler
  • Infernal Hound: infernalhound
  • Brown Bear: brownbear


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