[1.5.2] Future Warfare Mod Download

This mods adds powerful extraterrestrial forces, to fight them you are equipped with direct energy weapons and armor of the future.


  • Right click to fire the laser guns
  • Press F to zoom through helmet scope while holding a gun (HAVE OBMINIUM HELMET ON)


  • Alien Biome – A forest infested with Aliens (For best look put on rain, tiny render distance and night)

Current Weapons:

  • PR36 – Standard laser gun with medium damage and fire rate.
  • LNR32 – Laser Sniper Rifle with high damage and low fire rate.
  • Aphelion 16 – Cheap Laser pistol with low damage and medium fire rate.
  • XR78 – Standard Alien laser gun with medium damage and fire rate.
  • Teleforce – Gun that shoots electric shock! Uses Teleforce Battery.
  • T3 Frag Grenade – A standard frag grenade, medium explosion radius.


Current Mobs:

  • Tribal Alien – A tribe alien that deals 8 half hearts of damage and attacks villagers. (Can spawned with spawn egg)
  • Wild Alien – A wild Alien that is weaker than tribal (Can be spawned with spawn egg)
  • Arcona Alien – Very dangerous civilized Alien that uses XR78 to attack! (Can be spawned with spawn egg)


  • Obminium Rock! – Get it by crafting obminium rock.
  • Obminium Ingot! – Get it by smelting the obminium rock.

Obminium Ingot

  • Smelt the Obminium Rock


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Future Warfare Mod
  • Put Future Warfare Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done

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Future Warfare Screenshots

5daf8  Future Warfare Mod 1 Future Warfare Screenshots

5daf8  Future Warfare Mod 2 Future Warfare Screenshots

75eb5  Future Warfare Mod 3 Future Warfare Screenshots


Future Warfare Recipes

75eb5  Teleforce Future Warfare Recipes

Teleforce Battery

8dd07  TeleforceBattery Future Warfare Recipes

Redstone Container

8dd07  RedstoneContainer Future Warfare Recipes


dd653  PR36 Future Warfare Recipes


ab034  LNR32 Future Warfare Recipes

Aphelion 16

46ec9  Aphelion16 Future Warfare Recipes

T3 Frag Grenade

b1a81  T3FragGrenade Future Warfare Recipes

Obminium Armor

b91af  ObminiumHelmet Future Warfare Recipes
82cc4  ObminiumChestplate Future Warfare Recipes
358c6  ObminiumLeggings Future Warfare Recipes
b436d  ObminiumShoes Future Warfare Recipes

Obminium Rock

26b31  ObminiumRock Future Warfare Recipes