[1.5.2] Teleportation Stones Mod Download



uUgCthJ Teleportation Stones Recipes

4DTa5Sf Teleportation Stones Recipes

In short, this provides the Player with craftable totems that can be teleported to instantly. It’s not as simple as hitting a button however, you must first craft a teleportation stone, which when right clicked on a totem, will link the two together. These stones also require power to function. In this case, redstone.

6c038  Teleportation Stones Mod 1 [1.5.2] Teleportation Stones Mod Download

67a33  Teleportation Stones Mod 2 [1.5.2] Teleportation Stones Mod Download


  • 1. Install the latest recommended version of Minecraft Forge.
  • 2. Drag the zip file into your mods folder.

Download links for other versions:


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