[1.5] Cave-Gen Mod Download

This mod adds new world type – Caves. Living in these caves is difficult. Resources are limited, ores are scattered and many monsters wait for their prey.

d372a  Cave Gen Mod 8 [1.5] Cave Gen Mod Download


You can now use some commands added by this mod. These are meant only for Cave world, not Vanilla world. You have to have allowed cheats or be in creative to be able to use them(exactly as vanilla commands)

cw.villagenum – returns number of existing villages in current Cave World

cw.villageinfo – returns number of existing villages in current Cave World, their names, population and location. Note: Villages that are far from you will display their population as 0, or close to 0

cave gen mod village info by wh reaper d5p9xph [1.5] Cave Gen Mod Download

cw.villagerename <oldname>,<newname> – renames village with name <oldname> to <newname>. If given village doesn’t exist, you will be informed. You can’t rename village to name, which already belongs to another village in the world. You must separate <oldname> and <newname> with ,


  • To install ModLoader, go to C:/Users/Yourusername/AppData/Roming/.minecraft/bin/ and open minecraft.jar with WinRar or something similar. Then drag files from modloader archive inside and delete META-INF folder.
  • To install Cave-Gen mod, go to C:/Users/Yourusername/AppData/Roming/.minecraft/mods/ and put the whole archive(do not unzip it!) into this folder.
  • If the folder mods is not there, launch Minecraft after installation of Modloader once and it should create the folder.

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Cave-Gen Screenshots

d372a  Cave Gen Mod 8 Cave Gen Screenshots

There are also biomes, called zones. The mod currently features three zones.

Rock zone – this zone resembles regular cave. Ores don’t spawn in veins, but as single blocks. They are not limited by height. Remoted sheds and ancient ruins are lying in the deeps and stalactites and stalagmites can be found all around.

e0244  Cave Gen Mod 9 Cave Gen Screenshots

Snow zone – dead, snow-covered wasteland. Ores are burried deep in snow(in the same fashion as in rock zones), icicles hang from the ceiling and noone lives here except for monsters haunting this frozen hell. However, adventurer brave enough can find and rob big dungeons with exclusive loot. If he doesn’t get killed first, of course.

Jungle zone – Walls here are made of sticky moss-covered stone. Giant roots of ancient trees grow here more than anywhere else. You cannot find any ores here at all. You can sometimes encounter remoted shack.

15016  Cave Gen Mod 10 Cave Gen Screenshots

9f4ba  Cave Gen Mod 7 Cave Gen Screenshots


Cave-Gen Recipes

Four blocks of snow can be crafted into four snow bricks

cave gen mod crafting 3 by wh reaper d5llnzo Cave Gen Recipes

Four shards can be crafted into cave lantern

cave gen mod crafting 2 new by wh reaper d5n49ms Cave Gen Recipes

Four icicles can be crafted into block of ice

cave gen mod crafting 1 by wh reaper d5llnbf Cave Gen Recipes

Icicle and bucket can be crafted into bucket of water

cave gen mod crafting 4 by wh reaper d5o4q6e Cave Gen Recipes

You can craft your carryable source of light – lantern

cave gen mod crafting 5 by wh reaper d5p9xjx Cave Gen Recipes