[1.5] Enhanced Portals Mod Download

Enhanced Portals allows you to create any size or shape nether portal that you want. Unlike other mods, this mod has no limit on the size of the portal you want to create – as long as it’s a valid portal (a frame of obsidian with nothing else in the way) – you’re good to go.

What if you don’t like the boring purple colour portal? Simply take any one of the 16 dyes and use it on the portal, the dye will get used up and the portal will become that colour. You can even use these portals as decoration.

But what if you don’t want to use them as decoration because they’re too noisy? Too many particle effects getting in your way? No problem, simply edit EnhancedPortals.cfg (mod_EnhancedPortals.cfg for ModLoader versions) located in your .minecraft/config/ directory and turn them off!

Want to annoy your friends by trapping them in the Nether? Grab the SMP version and use portals to create unique traps.



  • To install, download the zip/jar file and put it into the mods folder.

Forge Server

  • Exactly the same as the client install, except put it in your server’s mod folder instead.

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Enhanced Portals Screenshots

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