[1.5] FlintCraft Mod Download



This mod adds flint weapons, tools, armor and more…


  • Flint armor is between iron and leather, in durability and protection.
  • Flint tools can destroy everything stone can, have a durability between stone and iron, is as fast as iron, is more enchantable than iron, stone and diamond.
  • Flint swords are as powerful as iron, and have a durability between stone and iron.
  • Can be crafted from gravel, with 9 gravel to 4 flint.

Sharpened Flint

  • Sharpened flint is created in a crafting grid now, with 6 flint being crafted into 2 sharpened flint
  • Sharpeners are powered with one piece of redstone per 10 flint sharpened.
  • Sharpened flint tools can destroy everything diamond can, have low durability, between wood and stone, but the cutting speed of gold, and are as enchantable as regular flint tools.
  • The sword is similar, with an attack power of diamond, but low durability.

Tempered Flint

  • Tempered flint armor is between iron and diamond, in both protection and durability.
  • Tempered flint is made in a furnace, by smelting flint.


  • Flint hatchets have a very low durability, and a slightly lower cutting speed than flint axes.
  • Sharpened flint hatchets have an even lower durability, but a faster cutting speed than flint hatchets.
  • Both can be crafted in a 2×2 square and require less resources than axes.


  • Install Modloader
  • Install in the same way you installed ModLoader, that includes overwriting the armor folder (It doesn’t actually overwrite it, just merges it)
  • OPTIONAL: Edit the config file (in .minecraft/config) to your needs (After first run).

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