[1.5] Mob-Talker Mod Download

This mod transform Minecraft from a Sandbox game into aJapanese style AVG. The mod will add a script system into Minecraft, allow it to read custom script files and interact with player with new way. You can even make friend with mobs! It just depends on how you write the script. Of course, we have some default scripts for it, so you can simply enjoy chatting with mobs.

Mob Talker Mod 3 [1.5] Mob Talker Mod Download


  • 1.Install ModLoader correctly
  • 2.Download mod_Mobtalker.zip
  • 3.Choose one script file.(You can only choose one but you can merge them yourself.)
  • 4.Put mod_Mobtalker.zip into /mods/ folder
  • 5.Install the script file.Simply overwrite the /resource/ folder with the one inside zip file.
  • 6.Check if the /resource/mobTalker_script/ was created.
  • 7.Run the game and enjoy!

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