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This mod allows villages to generate in all major biomes.  Forest, Extreme Hills, Jungle, Taiga, Swamp, Ice Plains, and of course the normal Plains and Desert.

Now that the villagers have had time to get more familiar with newly discovered regions, they have started upgrading their buildings with new materials! Forests, Extreme Hills, Jungles, and Taigas buildings have all taken on new looks.  No new buildings yet, that is to come perhaps.  But enjoy the new look and feel of villages everywhere

Please do backups before trying any new mods.

Note: New villages will only appear in new chunks.  Old chunks (from existing worlds) will remain unchanged.  So travel, or start a new world to see the new look of the villages.*


Village Logic Add-on

Have you ever wanted an underground village?  Do you hate that mountain overhangs can make doors invalid?  Well worry no longer!  With this insanely awesome add-on doors no longer need any line of sight to a skyblock!

That’s right!  Now you can build a village anywhere and have valid doors the villagers will use.  There is only two things you need to remember:

  • 1.  A placed door must have at least two air blocks behind it before the villagers will consider it a home.
  • 2.  Have fun!

Example use of this new add-on?

Better control of your villagers population.  Want one huge building for your villagers, but only one visible door?  Hide the other doors underground!

Put mod in minecraft.jar, of course


  • At this time you need to extract the files in the zips into the appropriate minecraft jar file. (Unzip download, open minecraft.jar, drag files into the jar, delete meta-inf if needed, play.)

Download links for other versions:





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