[1.6.1] Mo’ Villages Mod Download

This mod makes the villages spawn every 5×5 – 15×15 chunks


  • 2 New Village Types (Jungle, Ocean)
  • Decrased Rarity (difficult to explain, but you wont be walking hours to find villages anymore.)
  • Villages Spawn in All Biomes (Even Ocean)(Except sky & hell Biome)

Village types:


  • Normal
  • Desert

Mod Adds

  • Jungle
  • Ocean


  • 1. Click the Windows button.
  • 2. Type %appdata% in the search.
  • 3. Click Roaming (or whatever is the first thing)
  • 4. Go to .minecraft
  • 5. Go to bin
  • 6. Open minecraft.jar with WinRar / Any other similar program
  • 7. Paste the files in Mo’ Villages Mod to the jar.
  • 8. Delete META-INF Folder (From minecraft.jar)
  • 9. Start Minecraft
  • 10. Enjoy!

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Mo’ Villages Screenshots

17f10  Mo Villages Mod 1 Mo’ Villages Screenshots

A Jungle Village

1aa93  Mo Villages Mod 2 Mo’ Villages Screenshots

Taiga and FrozenRiver Village

1aa93  Mo Villages Mod 3 Mo’ Villages Screenshots

NPC on ice

b8472  Mo Villages Mod 4 Mo’ Villages Screenshots

View to Ocean Village

b8472  Mo Villages Mod 5 Mo’ Villages Screenshots

Snow Village