[1.6.1] More Fuel, Tweaks, and Everything Mod Download


Gameplay and balance tweaks, better mod integration, and scripting support


  • Allows additional Minecraft blocks and items to be used as furnace fuel
  • Allows bleaching wool with bone meal
  • Allows some mods’ blocks and items to be used as furnace fuel
  • Adds recipes for using mods’ blocks and items between mods
  • Adds Equivalent Exchange 3 transmutations for various blocks and items, including other mods
  • Adds Thaumcraft aspects for various blocks and items from other mods
  • Can be enabled: cook rotten flesh to leather
  • Can be enabled: stack saddles, empty buckets, eggs, ender eyes and pearls, snowballs, cakes, beds, doors, boats, signs and minecarts to 64.



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Put the file mod_moreEverything.zip in /mods/ directory.
  • After the first run, mod_moreEverything.js will appear in /config/ directory.

Download links for other versions:





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