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Apple Trees

apple trees can be planted on dirt and grass blocks, apple trees have 6 growing stages and need a light level of 9 or higher to grow, when fully grown apple trees drop apples over time. Can be found on forest biomes.Orange Trees
orange trees can be planted on dirt and grass blocks, orange trees have 6 growing stages and need a light level of 9 or higher to grow, when fully grown orange trees drop oranges over time. Can be found on forest biomes.

Lemon Trees
lemon trees can be planted on dirt and grass blocks, lemon trees have 6 growing stages and need a light level of 9 or higher to grow, when fully grown lemon trees drop lemons over time. Can be found on forest biomes.

Mint Plants
mint plant can be planted on farmland only, mint plants have 6 growing stages when fully grown they drop mint and some mint seeds.

Nether Flowers
nether flowers can be planted on soulsand only, they have 6 growing stages and drop blaze powder and some seeds when fully grown. They can be found on the nether.

the rake is a tool similar to the hoe but can only be used on grass, when you use the rake on a grass block it turn it into dirt an have a chance of droping a seed(apple seeds,Orange seeds,lemon seeds,cocoa seeds, mint seeds, melon seeds and pumpking seeds), the better the rake the better chance of getting seeds(gold has the higher chance).

Chocolate bar
chocolate bar its a food item that heals 2 hunger.

mint chocolate bar
its the same that chocolate bar but instead of hunger it heal 2 hearts and max stack size is 16.

Chocolate Candy
heals 1 hunger instantly(no animation).

Milk Bottle
obtained by right clicling a cow with an empty bottle, milk bottles cures poison.

Mint Tea
heals 4 Hearts and have a max stack size of 16.

Cold Chocolate Bottle
heals 2 hunger.

Hot Chocolate Bottle
heals 3 hunger.

heals 1 hunger.

heals 1 hunger.

Apple Juice
heals 2 hunger.

Orange Juice
heals 2 hunger.

heals 3 hunger.

Golden Orange
heals 2 hunger and gives Strength for 30 seconds.

Golden Lemon
heals 2 hunger and gives Water Breathing for 30 seconds.

scares animals within 5 blocks.

configurable bonemeal behavior
on the config file you can turn on/off bonemeal from working on the mod plants(bonemealGrow)
how it works instant grow or per stages grow(instantGrow), 0 means off and 1 means on.

Fruit Leaves Decay
when a fruit tree drops a fruit his leaves have a 1/3 chances of becoming a normal leave that dont drop fuits, this feature is on by default but you can turn it off on the config file(leaveDecay).
Apple Trees

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Orange Trees
5c122  7exknL9 Better Farming Screenshots

5c122  qOekdQU Better Farming Screenshots

Lemon Trees
74dd3  qxz457W Better Farming Screenshots

74dd3  Ugs5DEU Better Farming Screenshots

Mint Plants
74dd3  uI15w Better Farming Screenshots

74dd3  IBJ3z4a Better Farming Screenshots

Nether Flowers
74dd3  JmUaEfO Better Farming Screenshots

74dd3  LVDNwLb Better Farming Screenshots

74dd3  6IUqc Better Farming Screenshots



Apple Seeds
74dd3  RGq6q Better Farming RecipesOrange Seeds
74dd3  ubtnT Better Farming Recipes

Lemon Seeds
74dd3  ksDhaqd Better Farming Recipes

Apple Juice
74dd3  TWK5q Better Farming Recipes

Orange Juice
74dd3  AjEdQ Better Farming Recipes

74dd3  aXuocQ0 Better Farming Recipes

Chocolate Bar
74dd3  Y4zXl Better Farming Recipes

Mint Chocolate Bar
74dd3  A0k06 Better Farming Recipes

Chocolate Candy
74dd3  aQXD5 Better Farming Recipes

Cold Chocolate Bottle
74dd3  GH3Wn Better Farming Recipes

Hot Cholate Bottle
74dd3  B0ied Better Farming Recipes

Raw Mint Tea
74dd3  2M8mN Better Farming Recipes

Mint Tea
74dd3  fbRcg Better Farming Recipes

Wooden Rake
74dd3  UKtY7 Better Farming Recipes

Stone Rake
74dd3  CdGpK Better Farming Recipes

Iron Rake
74dd3  lwo92 Better Farming Recipes

Gold Rake
74dd3  hmOg7 Better Farming Recipes

Diamond Rake
74dd3  bgZ6F Better Farming Recipes
Golden Orange
74dd3  I8sEV Better Farming Recipes
Golden Lemon
74dd3  Er1gl Better Farming Recipes
74dd3  RIjj5 Better Farming Recipes




  • Fixed trees growth rate.
  • Fixed right clicking cows.
  • Thirst mod compatibility(drinks heal your thirst bar).
  • Added nether flower


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download Better Farming Mod zip file
  • Put Better Farming Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it.
  • Done.

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