[1.6.2] Better Villages Mod Download


  • Villages now spawn in every biome that has a little flat land.
  • Villagers have betters AI.
  • Villages spawn 5 or more houses.
  • Villages extends land into flat land.
  • Villages break apart any block in the way.
  • Villages break blocks 75 blocks above them (trees etc.)
  • Villagers have a low chance of attacking a zombie, still working on it, but cool!
  • Villages no longer have a weird generation with gravel.
  • Biomes now have a fixed spawn-rate so there won’t be like 500 villages in one single biome on LargeBiomes generation and default world.
  • Villagers now walk on terrain like nothing before! They can detect where they walk.
  • Villagers will attack zombies ONLY if the Golem Spawn Rate is below 10%. Which is extremely rare.
  • Villages spawn in literally every single biome except ‘The End Biome’!
  • Added new GUI in the In-Game menu.
  • Updated to MC 1.5.2.
  • Jungle/Swamp/Ice Villages!
  • New GUI.


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download zip file
  • Drag the every single class file inside your minecraft.jar
  • Drag BetterVillages.cfg into the .minecraft directory
  • Remember to put singleAI into minecraft.jar as well
  • Done

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Better Villages Screenshots

906ef  Better Villages Mod 1 Better Villages Screenshots

Ice Village

08c65  Better Villages Mod 2 Better Villages Screenshots

Ocean Villages. Proof that mod works. [Using OCD-Pack by Disco]

08c65  Better Villages Mod 3 Better Villages Screenshots

Forest Villages

46e2d  Better Villages Mod 4 Better Villages Screenshots

Jungle Village

46e2d  Better Villages Mod 5 Better Villages Screenshots

Taiga Village

09730  Better Villages Mod 6 Better Villages Screenshots

Tons of Villages!

42be7  Better Villages Mod 7 Better Villages Screenshots

In-Game Menu

42be7  Better Villages Mod 8 Better Villages Screenshots

Inside Better Villages Config