[1.7.10] ChickenShed Mod Download


Not a shed of chickens. This mod is about chickens shedding their feathers.

This is a simple single-class mod that makes it so that chickens will shed a feather now and then. It also makes it so that upon death, they are guaranteed to drop at least one feather. Lastly, baby chickens will now also drop a single feather upon death

The other uses besides not being required to kill chickens may be lost on you, so this is a list of things you can use the feathers for:

Vanilla uses

  • Arrows
  • Book and Quill
  • Fireworks (Burst Effect)


  • Installing Forge:
    • 1.6 and Up:
      • Use the Forge Installer found with each download of Minecraft Forge to install to your default Minecraft Directory. This will install a Profile for Forge that you can select in your launcher.
    • 1.5 and Under:
      • Open your Minecraft launcher.
      • Open the “Options” menu near the “login” button
      • Use the link in the Options menu to open the .minecraft directory
      • Navigate to the bin folder.
      • Open minecraft.jar and the Forge version you downloaded with appropriate archive software. (i.e WinRAR, 7-Zip)
      • Drag all contents from Forge into the minecraft.jar
      • Delete the META-INF folder from the minecraft.jar
      • Close both minecraft.jar and Forge download.
      • Go back to the .minecraft directory.
  • Installing ChickenShed
    • Drag and drop the ChickenShed .zip file into the mods folder. (Do not extract the contents of the .zip

Download links for other versions:











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