[1.6.2] DOTA 2 Items Mod Download

There are no recipes for this mod.  I don’t mean no recipe images, you cannot craft anything new with this mod.

You may be wondering how you get these items due to that.  Well, it’s not too difficult, since you don’t have to find a dungeon.  You need to get gold and find a village.  You get gold by existing.  Yep, every few seconds you get one gold.  You also get gold by killing hostile mobs like zombies and creepers.

To buy items, you need gold, and you need to find a shopkeeper in a village.  He’s the fat one holding a staff without his arms crossed.  Can’t miss him.

Now, onto the mechanics of this.  Your stats are affected by the items in your hot bar.  So, if you have an item that gives +3 strength on your hot bar it will work, but if it’s in your inventory it won’t.

Now, there are a couple of items I’ll go over.  The Blink Dagger allows you to teleport around.  It has a range of 25 blocks, and costs 75 mana to use.

The Tango allows you to eat a tree to regain health.  They cost 90 gold per, and they disappear after use.

There are a whole lot more items (60 items total) so I won’t go over all of them.

DOTA 2 Items Mod DOTA 2 Items Mod

DOTA 2 Items Mod Main Features

  • 60 Items from DOTA 2 with more on the way.
  • Being able to make mobs float with a staff.
  • Teleportation.
  • The ability to eat trees.
  • Mana.
  • Increase movement speed.
  • Increase attack speed.
  • Increase HP.

How to use the DOTA 2 Items Mod

  • Log into Minecraft.
  • Stay on to get gold.
  • Kill hostile mobs to get gold.
  • Find a village to spend your gold.

DOTA 2 Items Mod Pros and Cons


  • Increasing HP.
  • New items.
  • New mechanics.


  • You need to find a village for a lot of this.

How to Install the DOTA 2 Items Mod

  1. Forge Get!
  2. LibSchematic Get!
  3. Download the DOTA 2 Items Mod
  4. Drag it into ~\.minecraft\mods
  5. Run Minecraft and enjoy!



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