[1.8] Joypad Mod Download

Allows you to play Minecraft in Split-screen on a PC, and more

What is it?

  • A modification for the Minecraft PC game, allowing you to control the game with the USB controller.

Why would I use it?

  • Besides the obvious benefit of playing the Minecraft with the controller, you can also use it to play split screen

How do I play split screen?

  • You run the multiple instances of the game, each in it’s own window. Joypad Mod supports focus-less input, so you can have as many windows as you want (or as many as your PC can handle). You arrange the windows around to your liking (multiple monitor setups recommended). All players connect to the same server (can be localhost). All of you have a great time.





What are the requirements?

  • A PC capable of running the 2xMinecraft version 1.4.6
  • One keyboard and one mouse
  • One or more USB controllers
  • Multiple monitors recommended (but not required)


  • Like any other MC mod. Replace class files in .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar with the provided ones and remove META-INF dir.

Download links for other versions:











  1. This mod is what makes it possible for me to play Minecraft! (I have a laptop)

    PLEASE update it when 1.9 comes out!

  2. Hey the mod is glitching out and my controllers are not working when I press buttons

    • well it works for evrybody else. and you can only use one controller at the time i thingk.
      and you have to click a button called enable controllers or something

      hope this works for you now

  3. this is amazing! i am gonna buy a gaming pc and realy wanna do lets plays.and it feels so amazing to play with controller! and its also amazing to do a 2 player lets play!

    as one of the billion youtubers i have to say, great job.

    hope you update the mod to 1.9 when it comes out

  4. Pleeease update this! It is an absolute joke that Mojang have no controller support.



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