[1.6.2] Naruto Style Mod Download



41f53  Naruto Style Mod 1 Naruto Style Screenshots

b23d6  Naruto Style Mod 2 Naruto Style Screenshots

ce45b  Naruto Style Mod 3 Naruto Style Screenshots

a2f11  Naruto Style Mod 4 Naruto Style Screenshots

f1fbc  Naruto Style Mod 5 Naruto Style Screenshots

da2ac  Naruto Style Mod 6 Naruto Style Screenshots

4c3a2  Naruto Style Mod 7 Naruto Style Screenshots




Gunbai(+8Attack Damage)

4c395  YBCessu Naruto Style Recipes

Madara Helmet

4c395  iIp8ylh Naruto Style Recipes

Madara ChestPlate

4c395  MmX3L9b Naruto Style Recipes

Madara Legging

4c395  yYZ933Q Naruto Style Recipes

Madara Boots

4c395  hAkQHcG Naruto Style Recipes

Clay Spider

4c395  yokr8s4 Naruto Style Recipes

Clay Bird

4c395  7U2TY9l Naruto Style Recipes


4c395  XuteOwW Naruto Style Recipes


This is a mod that adds Some items from Naruto



  • +8 Attack Damage
  • Nothing Else (I’m trying to get ideas for this weapon)

Madara Armor

  • It has the protection of Gold Armor
  • It has the durability of Iron Armor

Clay Spider

  • It’s a throw-able explosion
  • The explosion power’s 2.5F ( Tnt’s 4F)

Clay Bird

  • It’s a throw-able explosion but more faster and lighter than clay spider
  • The explosion power’s 1.5F


  • It’s a throw-able explosion but heavier than the rest
  • The explosion power’s 9.5F


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Naruto Style Mod
  • Extract file
  • Copy and paste all files into your /.minecraft/mods folder
  • Done


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