[1.6.2] Telicraft Mod Download

Telicraft started as a testing project and was called TeliMod. This Mod adds a new ore, a bunch of crazy things that almost everybody can enjoy, new tools, new machines, a new Crafting Table, a new flower, new kinds of Netherrack and End Stone and much more

Blocks, Items and Recipes:


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the universal version of Telicraft.
  • Put jar file in your mods folder, located in your .minecraft folder
  • Run Minecraft and enjoy!

Integration with Not Enough Items:

  • Telicraft comes with a built-in integration module for NEI. If you install both, then you will able look up recipes from the Sharpener and Advanced Crafting Table. You will also get a neatly sorted subset for Telicraft. Type [email protected] in the search bar to display only items from Telicraft.

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  1. Zachary
    August 7, 2013, 8:37 pm

    Could you help me install this mod.

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Telicraft Screenshots

51526  Telicraft Mod 1 Telicraft Screenshots

Looking at an Adamant Chest. How big is it? Find out yourself.

0656d  Telicraft Mod 2 Telicraft Screenshots

Holding an Anti-Leaf Spray, ready to destroy some annoying Tall Grass!

7e546  Telicraft Mod 3 Telicraft Screenshots

Eating some Cooked Pizza with Ketchup!

7e546  Telicraft Mod 4 Telicraft Screenshots

Creative tab for Telicraft!

410ba  Telicraft Mod 5 Telicraft Screenshots

Wearing a full set of Adamant armour!

080ed  Telicraft Mod 6 Telicraft Screenshots

Looking at a Meteor Bomb.

260d3  Telicraft Mod 7 Telicraft Screenshots

Crafting an Adamant Furnace!

260d3  Telicraft Mod 8 Telicraft Screenshots

Are we ready to respawn?