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You can make a triforce in this mod, which is used to make the Master Sword.  You can also make the Master Sword in another way.  You’ll need to make these three flames to get started:

e0655  DinsFlame zps539a0678 The Master Sword Recipes

That’s the recipe for Din’s Flame.  To make the other two flames replace the redstone with an emerald for Farore’s Flame (it’s green) and with a diamond for Nayru’s Flame (it’s blue).

You combine the flames with a Sacred Ingot (one flame to one Sacred ingot) to get one piece of the triforce.  Then you combine the three pieces of the Triforce to make a full triforce like this:

e0655  triforce zps0371e739 The Master Sword Recipes

Yes, you need all three flames to make all three triforce pieces to make the triforce.  I never want to see the word triforce again, but I know I will.

You need to make a special kind of stick to make the Master/Goddess sword with.  It’s made like this:

e0655  SagesRod zpsff3e2daa The Master Sword Recipes

It’s expensive.  To make the goddess sword, you have to use the Sacred Ingots.

e0655  GoddessSword zps0504fd37 The Master Sword Recipes

Then, to make the Master Sword, you do this:

e0655  MasterSword2 zps3e3fa713 The Master Sword Recipes

Alternate Recipe for it:

e0655  MasterSword zps099975c8 The Master Sword Recipes

You can also make the Hero Clothes (Link’s Clothes) using the flames.

e0655  LinkHat zps6e5ec9d5 The Master Sword Recipes

Replace the helmet with the other pieces of leather armor to get the rest of it.  You can make the Hylian Shield like this:

2a1c4  HylianShield zpsf849a292 The Master Sword Recipes

Combine it with Link’s Tunic/shirt to put it on the back of the shirt.  I think this is only for looks, but it might increase your defense.

Now, the last thing I’ll go over are the potions.  This mod adds three and they’re easy to make, and useful. Recipe:

2a1c4  RedPotion zps2a1fa8f8 The Master Sword Recipes

There’s another which requires Cactus Green, and a third which needs Lapis Lazuli.  The red potion recovers health, green recovers hunger, and the blue recovers both.

A word in advance: I won’t be going into every item.  There are way too many to go over in this.

e0655  The Master Sword Mod 640x328 [1.6.2] The Master Sword Mod Download

The Master Sword Mod Main Features

  • Potions
  • Swords
  • Armor
  • A new bow

The Master Sword Mod Pros and Cons


  • New weapons
  • New worldgen
  • New potions, which are easy to get.


  • It’s expensive
  • It made me sick of the word triforce.  As if I wasn’t already.

How to Install the The Master Sword Mod

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download the Master Sword Mod
  3. Drag it into ~\.minecraft\mods
  4. Run Minecraft and enjoy.


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