[1.6.2] True Randomite Mod Download

An ore that drops random items. It’s different from other randomite mods in two ways:

It supports texture packs. Do you hate it that every non-vanilla ore looks completely out of place when you use a texture pack? Here’s an image of randomite with Doku texture pack selected:



The texture of stone is preserved.

It supports other mods, out of the box, without the need to edit any configs. Here’s how that works: randomite drops items from a random block that can be generated in the same chunk as randomite is; the more rare the block is, the more likely randomite will drop it. If some mod adds a new type of soil and fills half the world with it, it’ll be very unlikely that randomite would drop it when mined. If a mod adds some rare ore, like Irridium from Mystic Ores mod, randomite will drop it with a very good chance.

There is also a config where you can tweak some settings.


  • 1. Install Minecraft Forge
  • 2. Put the .jar file you downloaded into mods directory

Download links for other versions:







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