[1.6.2] Walkway Mod Download


  • Walkway Block
  • Walkway Sides
  • Jump Pads
  • Death

42e5a  Walkway Mod 1 [1.6.2] Walkway Mod Download

0ac73  Walkway Mod 2 [1.6.2] Walkway Mod Download


  • Install Modloader
  • Delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar. Close minecraft.jar.
  • Drop the zip files into mods folder

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Walkway Recipes

0ac73  GHLEZ Walkway Recipes

*you get 8 rather than 4*

0ac73  sbBmG Walkway Recipes
*you get 20 rather than 4*

0ac73  fCFt7 Walkway Recipes

0ac73  sk8Pz Walkway Recipes