[1.6.4] Custom Steve Mod Download


Custom Steve is a mod which enables you to change the model of Steve in Minecraft. Which differentiates it from other mods is that it can import models of industry standard into Minecraft.



  • OS at least Windows 7 (not yet support the linux or mac os.)
  • 64bits JRE(32bits only works with Miku model)

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install Render Player API
  • Download the mod
  • Find the location of .minecraft folder (C:\Users\[Your computer user]\AppData\roaming\.minecraft)
  • Put CustomSteve***-Beta.jar into .minecraft/mods
  • Extract CustomSteve***-Resources.zip to the root directory of Minecraft(which is at the same level as .minecraft)
  • (*** is the version of the mod. e.g 162)
  • Enjoy

Replacing models:

  • Open CustomSteve/CS.txt,replace “Miku” with “yaya” or “Flandre”


  • Currently our mod support model files of pmd format,and action files of vmd format.
  • Only texture files of png or bmp format are supported.
  • If texture files of tga format are detected in original files, they will be converted into png format.
  • You can transplant weapon (a square and a skeleton) included in my models to your models, then your models will have a weapon in hand
    • model files are located in CustomSteve\models
    • texture files are located in .minecraft\assets\textures

Download links for other versions:





  1. i put both .jar files into the mods folder ( i have 1.7.2) and minecraft wouldn’t open, but when i took the custom steve .jar out of the mods it opened again. I don’t understand the extraction part, so please help??

  2. Your problem is an updated Java version. Java 8 doesn’t work for some reason, uninstall and download java 7u71.

  3. I have doing following your suggest but… it’s just change skin and still be a block not in the picture that you show please tell me how I can fix.

  4. User mod installer instead and forge app

  5. =3



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