[1.6.4] LambdaCraft Mod Download




  • 9mm handgun & 357
  • 9mmAR with AR grenade
  • Crossbow
  • Tau Cannon
  • Egon
  • A lot more…


  • Snark
  • Headcrab Zombie
  • Alien Slave
  • Houndeye
  • Headcrab
  • Barnacle


  • HEV Suit( Using electricity, absorbing damage)
  • Longjump backpack (Provides high speed movement)
  • Battery
  • Medkit
  • Sentrygun


  • Electricty Related Blocks (Generator, Battery Boxes …)
  • Medkit Filler
  • Health Charger
  • Armor Charger

Other Elements

  • Automatic Item/Block id finding
  • Easter Eggs?
  • IndustrialCraft 2 support

XEN Dimension

  • Float Islands
  • Special Resources& Unique View


H.E.V Head Up Display

While wearing both H.E.V. chestplate and helmet, the H.E.V. head up display will be activated. The Head up Display in LambdaCraft provides Health&Armor value monitoring, Electricity monitoring, Weapon ammunition monitoring(Only when attached the Ammo Managing Module). Also it has many sound effects to tell you the user’s situation.

Custom Crosshair

Custom Sprays

Mod Screenshots:

LambdaCraft Mod
LambdaCraft Mod


As for Half-Life, it’s unique weapons gives players lots of awesome expriences. Now all the weapons in Half-Life 1 has been re-made into Minecraft in LambdaCraft. Most of the weapons use techne model and can use both left&right mouse to shoot, without interrupting running and sprinting. Hope you’ll find what you felt in HL in LambdaCraft ^^
LambdaCraft Mod
LambdaCraft Mod
LambdaCraft Mod
LambdaCraft Mod

2.Tools and Euqipments

In Half-Life, you must have a deep impression about the H.E.V. suit that Gordon Freeman wears. In LambdaCraft, we also added lots of stuffs about H.E.V into it, including the suit itself, health charger, armor charger……As for the suit, it can absorb large amounts of damage, and some attachments can be attached to it( Ammo managing, Longjump, Defense upgrade, … ).Also, the head-up display is what you must exprience…
LambdaCraft Mod
LambdaCraft Mod
LambdaCraft Mod

3. Mobs and XEN dimension!!!

The unique monsters in Half-Life must be impressing on first play. So how about seeing and fighting against it in minecraft?
The xen dimension is currently still under developing and didn’t release it’s full potentional…Got any ideas?

LambdaCraft Mod

LambdaCraft Mod




Iron ingot -> Refined Steel Ingot

LambdaCraft Mod

Uranium Ore -> Refined Uranium

LambdaCraft Mod

Xen Crystal Ore -> Xen Crystal

Refined Steel Bar

LambdaCraft Mod

Refined Steel Block

LambdaCraft Mod

Materials are crucial in crafting weapons&armors.

Material Box

LambdaCraft Mod

Armor Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Ammunition Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Bio Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Explosiove Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Heavy Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Light Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Accessories Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Pistol Material

LambdaCraft Mod

Tech Material

LambdaCraft Mod

λ Chip

LambdaCraft Mod

Health Charger

Classical element from Half-Life.

Provides health recovery and side buff. Put instant healing/recovering potion in slot 1, and put other kinds of positive effect potion ( Except instant ones ) in slot 2.If the machine has stored some EU

, it will drain potions into itself. press F( or Use Blocks key ) on it, and you health will recover in a great speed. Also the buff in slot2 will be provided to you. P.S. all potion added into Health Charger is calculated with 1.2x original time.

LambdaCraft Mod

Medkit FIller

This name is rather stupid I suppose (Will be changed in the next version)

put your medkit in the upper slot, and put potions in the three slots below.

The machine will start putting potion into your medkit with speed of 5 secs per potion and 7EU/T per potion.

For time effected potion, effect time is 1.2x original time.

LambdaCraft Mod

H.E.V™ Charger

You can directly use F(Use Blocks Key) on it, or directly open the GUI and charge your armor. I think this one is pretty easy to understand >)

LambdaCraft Mod

Weapon Crafter

The core crafting block ‘series’ withing the mod.

Weapon Crafters(Except Electric Crafter)Requires Fuel to work.

The available recipe of each crafter is shown in the GUI as [a][c]->[d]

click the [d](Result) You wanted.

Once you have enough material in block’s material storage, the forging process will start.

There will be an indicator on the left showing how much heat you need to craft the weapon.

Once the heat reaches requirement, your weapon will appear on the output slot(left to the heat slot)

LambdaCraft Mod

Advanced Weapon Crafter

Same with Weapon Crafter, but provided more advanced recipe such as crossbow&RPGs.

LambdaCraft Mod

Conductive Wire


LambdaCraft Mod

Electrical Weapon Crafter

Using electricy rather than fuel. supports all recipes within the game

LambdaCraft Mod


50000EU, can be put on the ground and eaten to charge your electrical armors.

LambdaCraft Mod

Advanced Batbox(Shapeless)


LambdaCraft Mod

Fire Generator

Furnace+Lapis Block+Refined Stell Block+Glass+Small Battery Box

LambdaCraft Mod

Lava Generator

Generator+Blaze Powder+Bucket+Refined Iron+Glass

LambdaCraft Mod

Solar Generator

Generator+Nether Quartz+Chip+Refined Steel+Glass

LambdaCraft Mod

Sentry Ray Emitter

Just place it…

LambdaCraft Mod

Custom Spray

LambdaCraft Mod

Spray 1(Half-Life Logo)

LambdaCraft Mod

Spray 2(LambdaCraft Logo)

LambdaCraft Mod

Electrical Crowbar

LambdaCraft Mod

Portal to XEN

LambdaCraft Mod


What is LambdaCraft?

LambdaCraft is a Minecraft mod adding lots of Half-Life related elements, including Weapons, Mobs, H.E.V Suits, and even Xen to Minecraft! The mod aims to rebuild the world of Half-Life in Minecraft, in a new different way.

How to install LambdaCraft Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install Player API
  • Download the mod
  • Put downloaded zip file into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. Do not unzip it. If you don’t have a mods folder, create one
  • Enjoy the mod



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