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The Items – Bow with Quiver

This one seem fairly obvious. You carry stacks of arrows around with you in your inventory, ready for combat.But we all know just how precious inventory space is, especially when you’re cave diving.So why not take a bit of leather and sew something together?

QuiverBow Mod

Like a regular bow, except with leather inbetween the gaps.

This quivered bow behaves like a regular bow, except it can hold 4 stacks worth of arrows without taking up any additional space.

QuiverBow Mod

8 arrows, tied together with a bit of string.

QuiverBow Mod

Do it 4 times to fully load the quiver. 256 arrows = 4 stacks.

The arrows for this need to be a bit tighter bunched together, making it necessary to refill the quiver at a workstation.

This is still a bit unwieldy, leading me to assume that improvements will be required here.

The Items – Compact Crossbow MK I

Bows are all nice and good for regular use, but what if you really need something with a bit more oomph, for those critical life or death moments?

A drawing mechanism can be added to a bow with some more wood and metal scraps, providing a good deal more pull strength and thus damage.

QuiverBow Mod

Quite strong, but can be time consuming to reload for the casual user. More research is required here.

As an added bonus, this crossbow comes by default with Knockback II, which is a lucky side effect of how the string is intertwined.

The Items – Compact Crossbow MK II (aka Blaze Crossbow)

The field team has returned from the Nether with sufficient materials to let me make a improvement to the crossbow.

Research has yielded the Mark II crossbow, which has been reinforced and insulated to be able to withstand the blazing heat it fires.

QuiverBow Mod

4 piles of blaze powder and 4 iron bars, reinforcing the Mark I crossbow.

Fires blaze rods.

The Items – Dragonbox MK I

Here’s a interesting one: While rummaging through old gear I remembered that fireworks are a thing. Maybe some of those could be put to use for more aggressive purposes?

After some experimenting on the workbench I came up with this.

QuiverBow Mod

Max damage: 4 / Flame I. Feels warm to the touch.

The damage and range isn’t all that impressive, but it can be fired quite fast and reliably set things on fire. (Said things being people, mobs and TNT.)

QuiverBow Mod

Just a reminder: 1 Gunpowder + 1 Paper = Firework Rocket.

QuiverBow Mod

Tie them all up so they fit into the device…

QuiverBow Mod

…and then load her up.

A total of 64 rockets fits into the Dragonbox. After a few tests I found that the device is sufficiently safe to use.

The frame seems to be able to withstand the heat from the rapid launching with only minimal deformation.

The Items – Powder Knuckle MK I

More research into the combat appliance of gunpowder has been done and this is the first result.

QuiverBow Mod

Highly unsafe for use. 19 damage on impact + splash.

This is the Powder Knuckle MKI. Making use of the explosive properties of gunpowder I crafted what amounts to a glove.

It discharges its explosive load upon impact, making it dangerous to both the user and the target. Slightly more so to the latter.

Wearing armor is recommended until I can figure out how to make this safer.

QuiverBow Mod

The glove can hold 8 pieces of gunpowder.

The Items – Ender Bow MK I

Thinking about how to make the powder knuckle safer caused me to remember the weirder effects of ender pearls, and by extension ender eyes.

Specifically their ability to project items across large distances, making it useful for some predictability calculations. To wit:

QuiverBow Mod

A scope made out of ender eyes.

The Ender Scope is made out of two ender eyes and attached to a regular bow, allowing the the wielder to see the predicted trajectory of his arrows, through it.

The eyes have quite fascinating properties, into which I need to look further. Staring through them too long seems to cause a increased amount of “white noise”, or scheme-like appearances.

QuiverBow Mod

Just a reminder on how to make ender eyes.

The Items – Coin Tosser

After doing some mining again I came across gold ore, and it occured to me just how useless this crap is. So why not make use of this in some other way?

As a result of messing around with a piston I managed to make this:

QuiverBow Mod

Throws out gold nuggets, 9 at a time.

This thing scatters gold nuggets all over the place, for quite some area coverage. Gold is pretty malleable, so the piston is strong enough to press it through a “grater” before launching.

QuiverBow Mod

Reload with either 1 or 8 gold ingots at a time.Holds a maximum of 72 gold nuggets, or 8 gold bars.

The Items – Firework Rocket Launcher

This is a advancement of the Dragonbox. Instead of holding a whole stack of small rockets it just holds one giant one.

QuiverBow Mod

This is pretty much just a frame for the rocket to sit in.

The rocket is big enough to damage terrain.

QuiverBow Mod

The rocket is being build into the frame each time.

Enhance your bow experience with this awesome mod ! And Kill people with money too…

How to install QuiverBow Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download mod zip file
  • Put downloaded zip file into C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataRoaming.minecraftmods folder. Do not unzip it. If you
  • don’t have a mods folder, create one
  • Done

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