[1.7.2] Touhou Items Mod Download

2f9ba  Touhou Items Mod [1.7.2] Touhou Items Mod Download

This mod add a lot of things such like weapons, foods or some magic meterials into minecraft game


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and install AudioMod
  • Download Touhou Items Mod
  • Put the mod into …/.minecraft/mods folder.
  • Done

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Touhou Items Recipes

Brilliant Dragon Bullet
2f9ba  0019F8D306E9838306E7389 zps409657f5 Touhou Items Recipes
– Throw a thunder ball.
– Hold shift to throw 5 thunder balls.
– Unlimited use, but the user have to wait it to recharge the gauge.Buddhist Diamond
2f9ba  0024ECF306E5FA177F3306E9262 zps2f13b47b Touhou Items Recipes
– Same as stone tools, but unlimited use!

Salamander Shield
035f7  003706B9F20306E76AE8863 zps6a021cb9 Touhou Items Recipes
– Fire resistance shield.
– Hold shift and right click to distinguish the fire off the user’s body.

Life Spring Infinity
604df  00471D5306E5B505B898C9D zpsa1dc2df3 Touhou Items Recipes
– Unlimited food to gain all your hunger and life bar!
– Cost some of your xps to activate the effect. (10xps maximum used)

Jeweled Branch of Hourai
604df  00584EC83B1306E7389306E679D zpse61d2e7d Touhou Items Recipes
– Spam the color pearls in front of the user.
– Hold shift to spam around the user.
– Unlimited use, the user have to wait it to recharge its gauge.

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple Pearls
604df  8272771F73E0 zpse43200bb Touhou Items Recipes
– Materials that use to make a Jeweled Branch of Hourai.

Enormous Ceiling of Kinkakuji
604df  00691D195A35BFA306E4E00679A59294E95 zps7cac5833 Touhou Items Recipes
– Throw an enomous? ceiling to crush the mobs.
– This thing can use as a boat!

Aja Red Stone Laser
604df  30A830A430B830E3306E8D6477F3 zps874b881b Touhou Items Recipes
– Hold right click and release to make the mobs on fire!

Roukan Sword
604df  007697C89B35263 zps1f48ce6d Touhou Items Recipes
– Hold the right click to charge and release to make a fast step forward.
– When making a step forward can damage surrounding mobs.
– Strong as an iron sword?
– Don’t use it to dig a hole! (Thier modder joke)

Sakuya’s Pocket Watch
604df  00854B2591C306E61D04E2D66428A08 zpsfab66f32 Touhou Items Recipes
– Right click to stop the time surround you!
– During use this watch, your hunger bar will drop.
– Hold shift and right click to deactivate the effect.

Silver Knife
604df  00859280306E30CA30A430D5 zps137aaeef Touhou Items Recipes
– Throw a knife… and you can pick it up again.
– Good combination with Sakuya’s Pocket Watch.
PS. Still glitchy..

Silver Knife (Red)
604df  9280306E30CA30A430D5 zps1ecd3d90 Touhou Items Recipes
– Same as ordinary silver knife.
– It bounces!

604df  00930B930AD30DE zps2aa12630 Touhou Items Recipes
– Set a warp hole (If you play portal before it nearly the same)
– Of course, the user have to make 2 of it to use.
– If the user set more than 2 warp holes, it will go to the nearest one.
– Hold shift and right click on it to pick it up.
– Can use color to dye it!

3rd Eye
604df  0107B2C4E09306E773C zps685a85ab Touhou Items Recipes
– Right click to check the status of mobs.
– What I know from it is just their HP and name.. :S

Magician Roll of Sutras
0a564  9B544EBA7D4C5DFB zpsb16ab9be Touhou Items Recipes
– Right click to activate the effect. (Redstone needed)
– It gives the user 3 or 5 buffs. (1.4.5 is still not functional)

Hisou Sword
0a564  0127DCB60F3306E5263 zps4f743d11 Touhou Items Recipes
– A fire sword… light up mobs on fire!
– Right click to use the special effect! Shoot the energy power to mobs! (Cost 5xps)

Heavenly Peach
0a564  0135929754C306E6843 zps55d3d012 Touhou Items Recipes
– Eat it (It gives you resistance effect)
– The user must use the Hisou sword to find one of this fruit!
– And also can find it only upper the cloud level!
PS. Extend some dirts into the cloud level and farm the trees up there.

Ship Ghost’s Dipper
0a564  014821F5E7D970A306E67C46753 zps4a05663d Touhou Items Recipes
– Dip the water and it can put the water to somewhere else. (Shift+right click to put down the water)
– About 10-13 times of use. (I guess)

Scythe of Death
0a564  0156B7B795E306E5927938C zps1f0af955 Touhou Items Recipes
– Hold right click to drag the mobs into the user.
– Hold shift and right click to blow the mobs away.

Stick of Regret
0a564  0166094609F306E68D2 zps37181a39 Touhou Items Recipes
– Use the stick to spank the mobs!
– Every time the user hit, will make mob’s hp 3/4
PS. 8/8 > 6/8, 6/8 > 5.5/8
– Use ink to rewrite the stick.

Yuyuko’s Fan
0a564  0175E7D30055B50306E6247 zps8985cb1e Touhou Items Recipes
– Spam butterfly in front of the user.
– Hold shift to spam butterfly around the user.

Nazrin’s Pendulum
0a564  01830CA30BA30FC30EA30F330DA30F330C730E530E930E0 zps4aa89955 Touhou Items Recipes
– Dowsing for the materials. (Put the target things near the Pendulum in the inventory slot)
– Hold shift and right click to make it more sensitive.
PS1. Seem this thing doesn’t make much effect in my opinion
PS2. Example. Pendulum on the 1 slot and the target thing must be in the 2 slot.

Wind Shrine Maiden Stick
0a564  01998A8795D306E304A7953304468D2 zpsa97de444 Touhou Items Recipes
– Still not functional
– The effect of this stick depends on your level.
– Lv.20 Give all effect of potions
– Lv.25 something good will fall to the user (Seem useless)
– Lv.30 Suck up and shoot the bullet hits the biological fitness…(Maybe shoot the bullet to mobs?)
– Lv.35 Shoot the bullet to spit the Sea.. (WTF? MJD?)
– Lv.40 Make a strong wing surround the user, then fly forward to strike the mobs? (Kamikaze?)

Strange Festival God Pillar
0a564  0205FA167F1 zpsa5fb8e9f Touhou Items Recipes
– Heavy log.
– Very strong offense. (Stronger than diamond sword)

Mini Hakkero
0a564  02130DF30CB516B53667089 zps14a6d6a3 Touhou Items Recipes
– Use 32 Fire Charge to shoot a massive laser strike (Master Spark!)

Chisel of Penetration
0a564  02258C1629C3051306E947F zpsc21904ba Touhou Items Recipes
– Use against the wall to teleport the user to another side of the wall

Sacred Sword of Toyosatomimi
a65a0  0238C4A80618033306E5B9D5263 zpsdeabb3ad Touhou Items Recipes
– It can check the surrounding mobs
– Right click to use the effect or hold it to check more further.

Closed 3rd Eye
a65a0  024958930563057305F7B2C4E09306E773C zps73964dd8 Touhou Items Recipes
– Hold right click to use the effect Invisibility!

Homing Amulet
a65a0  30DB30FC30DF30F330B030A230DF30E530EC30C330C8 zps7a7f478a Touhou Items Recipes
– Throw 5 homing amulets in front of the user.
– Hold shift and right click to use another homing mode.

Yuuka’s Parasol
a65a0  5E7D9999306E65E55098 zps99909867 Touhou Items Recipes
– Spam Energy bullets? around the user.
– Hold right click to make the bullets go more further.
– The bullet will plant some flowers around the user!

Kappa’s Cap
a65a0  6CB37AE5306E5E3D5B50 zps7c7921ea Touhou Items Recipes
– Move more faster when in the water.
– Move slower when on ground.
– Rain can repair the cap duration.

Bullet Core (Anyone can think a better name of these?)
a65a0  5F3E306E7D20 zpse9b6f002 Touhou Items Recipes
– Basic of the bullet recipes

Small Danmaku Bullet
a65a0  7C925F3E zps65853d55 Touhou Items Recipes

Medium Danmaku Bullet
a65a0  5C0F5F3E zpsfe4b7441 Touhou Items Recipes

Big Danmaku Bullet
a65a0  4E2D5F3E zpsf7173cbd Touhou Items Recipes

Large Danmaku Bullet
aa713  59275F3E zps22711c47 Touhou Items Recipes

Orbit Danmaku Bullet
aa713  8F2A5F3E zps955224a2 Touhou Items Recipes

Star Danmaku Bullet
aa713  5C0F661F5F3E zps5dddb1df Touhou Items Recipes

Big-Star Danmaku Bullet
aa713  661F5F3E zps28d76c97 Touhou Items Recipes

Flame Danmaku Bullet
aa713  9C575F3E zps428230a6 Touhou Items Recipes

Butterfly Danmaku Bullet
aa713  87765F3E zps533a031a Touhou Items Recipes

Glowing Danmaku Bullet
aa713  51495F3E zps3a24d0ba Touhou Items Recipes
– All of above can be used as a bullet spam :3

Spell Card [Fantasy Seal]
aa713  970A7B26592260F35C015370 zps10ae380c Touhou Items Recipes
– Release 4-5 power balls into mob

Spell Card [Master Spark]
aa713  604B7B2630DE30B930BF30FC30B930D130FC30AF zpse4434540 Touhou Items Recipes
– Shoot a massive laser with stars

Spell Card [Death Butterfly]
aa713  6B7B877683EF80E5306E6C387720 zpsb9534ebb Touhou Items Recipes
– Spread butterflies around the user

Spell Card [Meteor Shower]
aa713  661F7B2630E130C630AA30CB30C330AF30B730E330EF30FC zpse1e9676c Touhou Items Recipes
– Shoot stars into mob

Spell Card [Boundary between Wave and Particle]
aa713  58837B266CE230687C92306E5883754C zpsee2926f6 Touhou Items Recipes
– Spread bullets around the user

PS. To activate a spell card, you must aim the spell into a mob