[1.7.10] Youtuber Blocks Mod Download


Craft your favorite youtubers in Minecraft.

Step On or Right Click the Blocks to get Effects From your Favorite Youtubers.



Just Find Youtuber Ore:


Then Surround an Item in a Crafting Table with the Youtube Essence:

  • PopularMMOs: Diamond Block
  • SkydoesMinecraft: Gold Block
  • Yogscast Simon: Cookie
  • Yogscast Lewis: Book
  • Yogscast Sips: Dirt
  • Yogscast Sjin: Diamond Hoe
  • Yogscast Duncan: Piston
  • Munchingbrotato: Potato
  • TheDiamondMinecart: Minecart
  • CaptainSparklez: Nether Star
  • Deadlox: Bone
  • MinecraftUniverse: Raw Porkchop
  • VideoMakerGuy: Diamond Pickaxe
  • Sethbling: Redstone Block
  • AntVenom: Spider Eye
  • ASFJerome: Wool
  • BajanCanadian: Bow
  • Bashur: Melon
  • CavemanFilms: Stone
  • Notch: Golden Apple
  • Sarc: Redstone Repeater
  • SSundee: Iron Sword
  • Stampy: Bucket of Milk
  • ThnxCya: Note Block
  • Tobuscus: Diamond Sword
  • Dartron: Diamond Chestplate
  • TCTNGaming: Blaze Powder
  • ChimneySwift: Bricks
  • ZexyZek: TNT
  • Bodil40: Leaves
  • PauseUnPause: Boat
  • Hypixel: Stone Bricks
  • AviatorGaming: Gunpowder
  • NoahCraftFTW: Flint and Steel
  • Gizzy14Gazza: Raw Beef
  • BebopVox: Diamond
  • SeaNanners: Bucket of Water
  • IHasCupquake: Cake
  • JackerTud: Item Frame
  • Yogscast Martyn: Sappling
  • Annoying Orange: Apple

You can also craft the Honorable Mentions Block which shows some of my favorite starting youtubers. To craft it, just fill a crafting table with youtuber essence.

The Honorable Mentions Block includes:

  • Calitherolls
  • Devine Darkness
  • The Sploochers
  • Werty
  • The Mr.RpgLife
  • TheXenvex

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download links for other versions:




  1. For AntVenom, I would suggest using a golden apple enchanted.

  2. For AntVenom, I would suggest using a golden apple enchanted and notch a normal apple, as that is what he drops according to the wiki.

  3. how to download this

    • You download it by going to the top of this page and click download mod!

  4. muito legal o mod

  5. is ther markiplier?

    “Drunk Minecraft”

  6. Is thus a good mod if it is then reply saying It is a good mod!



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