[1.7.10] Coffin Mod Download

64a17  Coffin Mod [1.7.10] Coffin Mod Download

Coffin Mod is a good choice to relax because you never lose your items when you die in Minecraft. A coffin will be buried underneath a layer of dirt and mycelium when you die. Your equipment will be inside the coffin but you will be surprised by the way it works. The Coffin mod lets you keep all your items, creating a tombstone and grave that holds your items until you get back.

64a17  Coffin Mod 1 [1.7.10] Coffin Mod Download

Because the equipment is “inside” the coffin, there will be no items in the tombstone.

64a17  Coffin Mod 2 [1.7.10] Coffin Mod Download


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