[1.7.10] Kingdoms of The Overworld (A Bunch of Stuff) Mod Download



Blocks and Items:


Trampoline Net:

Used in crafting the trampoline, the trampoline net must be made of black string coated with slime to give it that perfect bounce.


Milky Way (you do get your bucket back)

A delicious snack just like the real life candy bar, this delight fills three hunger and lasts for a little less than meat.




Bouncing you up three blocks, this toy allows you to have fun and reach high places. Sneaking will start your bouncing, and the softness of the trampoline will absorb all fall damage.


Marshy Ground (you do get your bucket back)

Watch out for the sinking ground! This mudball covered in moss and grass blends in perfectly with the swampy ground. It will drag you down without even giving you a chance to shout. Bring a shovel!



When a spot seems hard to reach just craft scaffolding, look straight down and hold right-click+spacebar. Have to get down to get new blocks? Just climb down the side of the scaffolding like a ladder, grab your blocks, and climb back up again. All done building? Break down the scaffolding in seconds.


Fireman’s Pole

In case of emergency do not take the stairs. As helpful as they are they are way too slow to climb down, and think of all the space they take up! Here’s a nifty solution for you, grab onto this and… hey wait, you’re already on the ground floor.


Armor, Weapons, and Tools

Elastic Leggings

It can be quite a workout to climb up all those blocks, lifting your legs can be exhausting. Well no more! Elastic Leggings will literally lift your legs over the blocks for you. Just push in the direction you want your leg to go and the leggings will do the rest. Walk up blocks with no more jumping!


Piston Boots

After years of testing and crafting, the Protos have finally created the Piston Boots. Cleverly absorbing the bone-breaking shock that comes from falling, while wearing these you cannot get hurt from fall damage.


Aquatic Helmet

When it comes to darkness in the Overworld the ocean is the by far the most crushingly black place. While the average person might stay near the surface and play with the fishes the true explorers venture below and beyond your average danger, and battle the fearsome squid! However, even heroes could use some help, especially when it comes to seeing in the deep dark depths.



The Impundulu

Most villagers will deny it’s existence, they have their reasons. Fear, anger… insanity. It is barely even considered a myth. Told by the wild northern travelers, their minds were damaged by the cold frozen wasteland, or could they have been damaged by something even more deadly? Spawns in Snow Biomes


Successful Village

The trials and tribulations that the horde has brought have been overcome. The community thrives, building a city of luxury and peace out on the ocean, until one day… Spawns in Water Biomes


Cloud 9

The mysterious laboratory floats silently in the air above the forests, held by nothing yet standing as sturdily as the mind who placed it there, and who lives within. Nothing comes out of the lab anymore, and no one dares to find out, so it sits, like a tiger, tensely waiting for the time to pounce. Spawns in Forest Biomes


Drine Caverns

Within a hidden fortress in the mountains, once known as cavern of thieves, thieves known as the Drine. Until some sickness more sinister than themselves stole their lives from them. Now they crawl and slither among the rock, guarding the treasure they’d stolen in life. (best to spawn it at Y: 70 or higher) Spawns in Mountain Biomes


Miresi Homes

The Miresi live in small huts, collecting basic natural treasure and storing it away. They travel for days and then stop suddenly, to build a home when they find a biome that they like.

The jungle tree home is a house carved from a jungle tree. Spawns in Jungle Biomes


The oak tree home is a house carved from a large oak tree, Spawns in Forest Biomes


The water home is a dynamic feat of architecture, a water-proof bubble one can call home. Spawns in Water Biomes


The sandcastle home is for more civilized beings, with an ocean view and a cute design. Spawns in Beach Biomes


The cabin home is a dark spooky shack that houses the lovable Miresi. Spawns in Podzol Forest


The mushroom home is a small but cozy little home. Spawns in Forests


The igloo home looks cold on the outside, but inside a warm fire makes it a fine home. Spawns in Frozen Biomes


The tent home is not permanent, but a decent place to stay while searching for a real home. Spawns in Wastelands


Starlight Tower (Not in version 1.7.2+)

A symbol of hope for villagers and players alike, the Starlight Tower promised happiness for every living creature, as well as every dead creature. The infection broke out one day and rapidly spread, the survivors could only run upwards, it wasn’t long before the tower was overtaken by the dead. Now it stands alone in the dry, empty deserts. The Starlight Tower has turned into a symbol of loss and sadness. It brings happiness to no one, save the One who calls it home. Spawns in Desert



  • If you spawn a structure with the item; the chests will either not exist or they will not have loot in them, however naturally generated structures will have both chests and loot
  • You can customize the rarity in the config file




A mysterious and deadly being, who knows the secrets to regeneration and great strength. He infests the attics of tall buildings, making his home hundreds of feet above the earth.



He is known as one of the most ingenious humans in the Overworld, and the very most dastardly. He commands his army of redstone powered robots to do his dirty work, but when a very VERY brave warrior gets in his way he himself will stand up to brush away the fly, using one of the many tricks up his acid stained sleeve.



Said to be powerful, yes, said to possess the secrets of Notch and the hatred of Herobrine. The only hope we have is to go on believing he doesn’t exist, until the day he returns. Belief can’t save us then. Nothing can.



This little guy quickly scampers through forests, searching for carrots and apples.



From the deepest caverns and cave systems comes a variant of the zombie, once thieves and murderers. Quick and strong; these clever monsters will find you… and they will kill you.



A mysterious humanoid who depends greatly on nature. These creatures live in small camouflaged homes throughout the world, fighting off predators with their powerful homemade bow.



Not one to be manipulated, tortured, or persuaded. The Proto is nothing but a moving object, powered by redstone and moved by pistons, yet thousands of triggered events exist in their stone cold shells.



Not a creature you’ll find in popular legend, but nonetheless just as deadly as most. The Asanbosam was sighted only a few times, paired with a reported sighting of a flying ship. They were described as having sharp iron hooks for feet and hands, barbed iron teeth, redish eyes, sickly brown fur, and behavior like an insane, wild, yet clever monkey. The sightings were few and the bodies were many.


In Kingdoms of The Overworld Mod there are lots of fun and crazy things. From bouncy toys to scary zombies, everything and anything added will be super fun! There is no real theme to Kingdoms of The Overworld Mod, which means there are no limitations to the additions, or creativity of the mod. It consists of structures, mobs, bosses, items, and blocks. Kingdoms of The Overworld Mod is multiplayer supported.


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.



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