[1.7.10] Creeper Species Mod Download

6465e  Creeper Species Mod [1.7.10] Creeper Species Mod Download

This mod adds in four new creepers to minecraft. Creepers with special powers, the good and the bad, and the fatty.

Creepers and Items:

  • Nether Star Creeper: This Creeper Has Quite A Big Explosion And Can Blow Up A House And Kill You In 1 Hit. The Creepers Have A Rare Mob Drop Of Nether Stars
  • Porky Creeper: This Is A Normal Creeper Just With A Skin Of A Pig. They Drop Pork
  • Angel Creeper: These Creepers Have A New Model And Has Animations On The Wings. They Are Friendly And Don’t Explode. They Also Fly
  • Mystery Creeper: These Do 2 More Explosion Radius Then Normal Creepers. They Drop Mystery Stone
  • Mystery Stone: Has A Coloured Name. Does Nothing Right Now

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar file into
    • C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEAppDataRoaming.minecraftmods folder
    • /Users/[Your user]/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods on Mac folder
  • If one does not exist you can create one
  • Enjoy the mod

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Creeper Species Screenshots

Nether Star Creeper:

d14e1  c0RQu Creeper Species Screenshots

Porkified Creeper:

b5a90  Ly1AV Creeper Species Screenshots

Angel Creeper:

90281  2lJgU Creeper Species Screenshots

Mystery Creeper:

eb5ea  gw4Cy Creeper Species Screenshots

Mystery Stone:

f0cf4  nRnFp Creeper Species Screenshots