[1.7.2] FloorBallCraft Mod Download



db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 1 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 2 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

Customize your stick with grips and blades!

db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 3 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 10 FloorBallCraft Screenshots


db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 4 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

How to Craft a Ball

db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 5 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

How to Craft a Grip

db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 6 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

How to Craft a Blade

db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod 7 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

How to craft the base Shaft

4f8bb  FloorBallCraft Mod 8 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

How to craft a Salming Q2 shaft

4f8bb  FloorBallCraft Mod 9 FloorBallCraft Screenshots

How to Craft a Stick

Currently added Sticks:

  • Salming Quest 2 KickZone TipCurve

Currently added Grip Colors:

  • Orange Grip Tape
  • Red Grip Tape
  • Green Grip Tape
  • Blue Grip Tape

Currently added Blade Colors:

  • Orange Blade
  • Red Blade
  • Green Blade
  • Blue Blade

Dont want your stick to be the same as your friends’ sticks? Customize it using the four colored blades and grips, just use any color grip and blade you like to make your stick just as you like it! To craft a new colored blade/grip just use another dye.

  • Orange = Rose + Yellow Flower
  • Red = Rose
  • Green = Cacti
  • Blue = Lapis

Here is an example of one of the many different combinations:

4f8bb  93hRMxN FloorBallCraft Screenshots

Even though there are over 15 different stick designs, all the sticks use the same ID, so dont worry about your empty item IDs as there is a config file that allows you to change that ID!

Currently added Ball Colors:

  • White Ball
  • Orange Ball
  • Blue Ball
  • Red Ball
  • Green Ball

Craft them:

fcf68  VV0dK3P FloorBallCraft Screenshots

Currently added blocks:

  • A goal (They can be pointed in 4 directions!)
  • FloorBall rinks to surround the field
  • Field blocks which have the same effect as ice, but which you can paint lines on


A goal block has the size of 2x2x3 blocks. When you place it the entire goal will appear, but you will have to remove each of the 11 blocks manually.

Crafted like:

fcf68  7MQzk7h FloorBallCraft Screenshots

Currently added Items:

  • Shaft
  • Quest 2 Shaft
  • NetCrafted like:

fcf68  zijfQaH FloorBallCraft Screenshots


This 3D Block is just like a real FloorBall Rink and you place it around the field. Crafted like this:

fcf68  bhgTUDv FloorBallCraft Screenshots


The floor for your own field. It has the same effect as ice and you can paint lines on it. Crafting is shapeless:

fcf68  92Ytm0Q FloorBallCraft Screenshots

To paint the lines you are going to need a LineBrush. Just right click a floor block with it and keep clicking untill you find the correct line:

fcf68  ameWQCR FloorBallCraft Screenshots

db9f2  FloorBallCraft Mod [1.7.2] FloorBallCraft Mod Download

This mod adds FloorBall to Minecraft. In this mod you will find everything you need to play FloorBall with your Friends on Minecraft! FloorBallCraft adds Sticks, Balls, parts, Goals, Rinks and customizable FloorBall Sticks!

The FloorBall Sticks have an all new Item Model. They are 3D and Steve Holds them like you would hold you Stick in real life. You shoot the Ball by hitting it. To pick a ball up again, you simply Right-Click it without holding a Stick (You can hold other Items).

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.


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