[1.9.4] TSON Craft Mod Download


TSON Craft Mod is designed to integrate magic and science together. This mod is considered to be completely separate but similarities between them still exist. As a result, TSON was created.

Moreover, this mod is based on concepts from my unreal engine project TSON and aims to provide an entertaining experience. That experience allows the player to dive in and out of technology or magic at will. The goal is to introduce about utilities as well as simple cosmetics.

TSON Craft Mod provides players with objects such as machines, powerful rune stones and energy systems. The technology is one of these features which integrates well with RF and more.

This mod used to be known for its ‘Hard Mode’. Besides, this is a mode in which the player will have to do many tasks before they are able to make a crafting table. As you know, this table has been known to take many hours to complete. The new version, version 3.x.x, has this mode disabled by default; however, the player enables it from the config. It is labeled as long and tedious start.


Future plans:

  • Nano-bots, these items can be filled with energy in order to perform tasks, currently the idea being that you will carry it around and then you can use it and it will buff you with potion effects and possibly could be used as a weapon
  • ESA (External Support Armour) This essentially works as a suit that you wear, by simply having it equipped you will gain buffs, but it can also be upgraded to provide specific upgrades etc.
  • Implants, slotted into your ESA in order to buff you more
  • More machines
  • Cave dimension
  • Adding the Cave Master
  • Spell casting, something one can pick up by meeting the Cave Master (For the lore’s sake, he is the being who first wrote the books of knowledge)  — the true way, not using Rune Stones to ‘cheat the system’


Minecraft Forge


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