[1.8] The Titans Mod Download

fb700  The Titans Mod [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

The Titans Mod installs  Titans, which are new boss mobs, to the game. You may think these mobs similar to Attack on Titan, but actually they are just fully animated gigantic versions of vanilla mobs.

Here’s the list:

  • Omegafish
  • Zombie Titan
  • Skeleton Titan
  • Wither Skeleton Titan
  • Spider Titan
  • Creeper Titan
  • Cave Spider Titan
  • Zombie Pigman Titan
  • Ender Colossus
  • Witherzilla

Titans are affected by resource packs that change their smaller counterparts textures. All Titans have the ability to spawn smaller versions of themselves. Witherzilla spawns his minions from his head (literally), the Ender Colossus makes his teleport in, and the rest raise their minions from the ground, no matter what the material. If it’s grass, it turns to dirt.

fb700  The Titans Mod 1 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download
fb700  The Titans Mod 2 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

fb700  The Titans Mod 3 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download



  • Can be found at layer 14 or lower in the Overworld. Generates as only one ore block
  • Can also be found in The End, and in much greater density (similar to iron)
  • Is dropped by Titans (dropped in greater quantity if the Titan is stronger)
  • Can be made into anti-titan tools and armor
  • Extremely strong, but also on the tipping point between stable and unstable, and as a result, can’t be compacted into a block without a massive fission reaction

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 4 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download
7c7ff  The Titans Mod 5 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Harcadium Tools

Harcadium Sword

  • Does 20 to all mobs except Titans
  • Does 248 armor piercing damage to Titans
  • Does 1948 armor piercing damage to Ender Colossi and Witherzilla

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 6 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Harcadium Axe

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 7 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Harcadium Pickaxe

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 8 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Harcadium Shovel

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 9 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Harcadium Hoe

Crafting Harcadium Armor is the same as any armor: instead, with hardcadium

Each piece gives buffs:

  • Helmet: Night Vision, Water Breathing
  • Chest-plate: Haste IV, Resistance IV, Strength X, Fire Resistance
  • Leggings: Regeneration V
  • Boots: Jump Boost II, Speed IV
  • Full set: Absorption X (Health that replenishes after 8 seconds, Saturation X (never need to eat), gives off a quiet hum

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 10 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Utility Items

Growth Serum

  • Transforms mobs into Titans
  • Only transforms the right mob into it’s Titan counter part
  • Has to be thrown like a snowball?

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 11 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

The Mini-Wither

  • An adorable version of the normally terrifying Wither boss
  • Is the item you use to travel to The Void

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 12 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Titan Stats:


  • Hp: 2000
  • Attack: 15
  • Minions: Silverfish
  • Drops: 16-64 paper, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-48 stone, 0-8 harcadium

The weakest of the Titans, the Omegafish is still no push over in a fight. Wearing diamond armor alone won’t cut it against even this monstrosity, which is also the smallest of the Titans.

7c7ff  The Titans Mod 13 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Cave Spider Titan

  • Hp: 3500
  • Attack: 20
  • Minions: Cave Spiders
  • Drops: 16-528 string, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-8 spider eyes, 0-8 harcadium

This creature works just like it’s bigger brother, the Spider Titan, only, like a Cave Spider, it poisons you. The difference is that it’s poison is poison IV.

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 14 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Spider Titan

  • Hp: 5000
  • Attack: 35
  • Minions: Spiders, Spider Jockeys
  • Drops: 16-528 string, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-8 spider eyes, 0-8 harcadium

The second widest Titan after Witherzilla, the Spider Titan is the strongest of the weak Titans. And yes, Spider Jockey Titans can exist, though it’s rare.

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 15 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Zombie Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: 70
  • Minions: Zombies (automatically are babies if Zombie Titan is a baby, and same thing with zombie villagers and baby zombie villagers)
  • Drops: 16-72 rotten flesh, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-8 spider eyes, 0-16 harcadium, 0-1 bedrock

Gigantic and mindless, Zombie Titans are lumbering Goliaths that don’t burn in sunlight. They’re three times the size of a Giant, and have to same types as normal zombies (except the Chicken Jockey).

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 16 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Skeleton Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: machine gun fire of arrows
  • Minions: Skeletons (always normal)
  • Drops: 16-144 bones, 16-144 arrows, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 1-2 bows, 0-16 harcadium, 0-1 bedrock

This Titanic monster is far from being a weak Titan despite it’s place as the weakest average Titan. Skeleton Titans shoot arrows, LOTS of them. Their maelstroms can easily tear through large groups of enemies.

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 17 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Wither Skeleton Titan

  • Hp: 20000
  • Attack: 140
  • Minions: Wither Skeletons (never normal ones)
  • Drops: 16-144 bones, 16-144 coal, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 1-2 stone swords, 0-16 harcadium, 0-1 bedrock

This withered Behemoth won’t stand for anything wandering into the Nether, and that includes you. The Wither Skeleton Titan will smash you with it’s gigantic Stone Sword, dealing enormous damage and applying wither IV.

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 18 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Creeper Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: 70
  • Minions: Creepers (can spawn charged automatically if the Creeper Titan’s charged, or as a 1/100 chance otherwise)
  • Drops: 16-72 gunpowder, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-32 harcadium, 0-2 bedrock, 1 random music disc (256 if killed by a Skeleton)

This malevolent monstrosity has the ability to ruin your day 16 times over. Creeper Titans are known for their magnificent and deadly jumps they can perform, along with their ability to generate enough bio-electricity to shoot a lightning bolt. Of course, if charged, they can do this more often. If it’s health gets too low, the Creeper Titan can start a count down to an explosion that equals an Atomic bomb detonation in size and ferocity.

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 19 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Zombie Pigman Titan

  • Hp: 7000
  • Attack: 150
  • Minions: Zombies Pigmen
  • Drops: 16-72 rotten flesh, 64-192 golden nuggets, 16 golden ingots, 0-32 diamonds, 0-16 emeralds, 0-32 harcadium, 0-2 bedrock, 1 golden sword

This aggressive titan doesn’t have to be hit to be aggroed. In fact, Zombie Pigman Titans are hostile to anything they deem helpful to the player.

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 20 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

Ender Colossus

  • Hp: 50000
  • Attack: 150
  • Minions: Endermen
  • Drops: 16 ender pearls, 16-72 eyes of ender, 0-128 diamonds, 0-64 emeralds, 1-2 stone swords, 0-48 harcadium, 0-8 bedrock

The second tallest of the titans, and strongest of the normal titans, the Ender Colossus might just kill you even if you wear the Harcadium set. It even has a natural regen affect on at all times due to it’s Enderman origins. The horns are a mutation. It’s roar can often be enough to send most players running in terror. Are you brave enough?

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 21 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download


  • Hp: 100000
  • Attack: machine gun fire of wither skulls
  • Minions: Withers
  • Drops: not going to reveal!

Not really a Titan and more of a God-monster, Witherzilla is the largest boss in this mod. He carries all the biggest titles, and has the largest health pool and is the most armored, having 21 armor points. The fact it summons Withers to help it doesn’t make a fight with him anymore appealing. Fortunately, there is no way to spawn him in survival. Witherzilla has his own dimension, where he is the final FINAL boss of Minecraft.

The dimension is called The Void, and is nothing more than a giant floating island made of a mixture of bedrock and obsidian. Nothing but Withers (yes, those ones?) spawn on this island. Appearing high above will be Witherzilla, who can only be hurt when the difficulty isn’t on peaceful (not a fight for the peaceful wussies!). He will proceed to attack anything in his 60 block sight. Even worst, his will and dominance forces other Withers to attack what he is Attacking. Yikes!

5c6c2  The Titans Mod 22 [1.8] The Titans Mod Download

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.

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