Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4 and 1.4.2

I’m so chilly right now……. Better Than Wolves Mod has an update! The Mod I really loved has been updated to 1.4.4! You guys should have known this Mod before. For those who doesn’t know what this AWESOME Mod can do look here, Better Than Wolves Mod adds new items in the world of Minecraft. You should be thinking what kind of item? Well, this item is very useful in Minecraft! Items that produced electricity, adds a new environment in MInecraft, and all the other cool stuffs. Better Than Wolves Mod is like a dream for all Minecrafters!

Thanks to the developer (FlowerChild) for developing this AWESOME mod!!!! :) The sad thing is this new update didn’t really affect the Better Than Wolves Mod much. It just made Better Than Wolves Mod playable in Minecraft 1.4.3 But its still AWESOME!!!! I really really recommend you this Mod, this is one of the first Mods I usually check when it will update everyday :P These are some items that Better Than Wolves Mod adds into the game:

  • Light Block = The name tells
  • Hibachi = a fire maker
  • Obsidian pressure plate = and obsidian pressure plate (a classic name :) )
  • Cement bucket = When you right click it acts like water ,but after a few seconds it becomes stone
  • Block Dispensers = Dispense blocks out of it
  • Cauldron = Cooks things inside, when there is a source of heat under it.

Better Than Wolves Mod Version 4.34 for Minecraft 1.4.4 Changelogs

  • Fixes and tweaks
  • Added Chopping Blocks

:D and that was a nice and short summary of all the blocks it Better Than Wolves Mod, I hoped you liked it as I loved it!

How to Download and Install Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4

  1. Download and Install Modloader into your minecraft.jar folder
  2. Download Better Than Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.4.4
  3. Copy the files in “minecraft jar” folder into minecraft.jar folder
  4. Delete meta-inf
  5. Play!

*IF you have problems you can comment down there*

Have a fun day minecrafting! :)

You can get the recipe for the mod here


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