Flash Shelters Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

This mod is amazing, and I kid you not when I say it is probably one of the smartest idea’s I have heard of, that have been put into a mod. It allows a player to create there own flash shelter, as the name states. The shelter created is a nifty little home, filled with crafting tables, furnaces and a bed. The items and blocks spawned on creation of the flash shelter can be changed with different crafting recipes that are introduced with the mod.

First, you must craft the parts crate. This, more or less, contains everything in the house.
Posted Image

Or make a house without cake
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Say you are running from a group of mobs, and it just happened that you left behind your sword (as you do) and you desperately need somewhere to hide, stock up on supplies, and food. So its safe to head out again in the morning, well this mod is perfect for just the occasion. The flash shelter acts as a tent, anywhere you are, just place and set it up. Its perfect for those needing shelter on there first day. Its something to get you started in minecraft. Only problem is, the crafting recipe makes it harder to obtain your first home. If you are starting your first world, I advise you to get mining straight away so that you have the materials needed to make a nice little home for you to relax in after your long day…

Flash Shelters Mod Version 2.3 for Minecraft 1.2.5 Changelogs

  • Fixed Bugs and a few other twitches

How to install Flash Shelters Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. Close Minecraft
  3. drag and drop .class files into minecraft.jar
  4. Delete META-INF
  5. Close
  6. Run Minecraft
  7. Enjoy!



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