[1.4.7] Obsidian++ Mod Download


This is a very simple mod, giving a use for all of that obsidian you have lying around!

  • Full set of obsidian tools
  • Full set of obsidian armor
  • Obsidian Paxel and Stairs!
  • Fully configurable armor and tool values (control damage, durability, etc)
  • Fully configurable item IDs!


  • Drag the “mods” folder belong into your .minecraft folder for clients, so that /mods/ goes into /mods/.
  • On servers, that folder is where you placed your minecraft_server.jar, again, so that /mods/ matches.
  • There is only a single mod file that works both on client and server.
  • If you are confused, google is your friend.
  • Make sure you install Minecraft Forge



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