[1.4.7] PlastiCraft Mod Download



b4952  plasticraftmod1 PlastiCraft Screenshots

Picture 1 – A Block made with all the colors available

f9f76  plasticraftmod2 PlastiCraft Screenshots

Picture 2 – All the Shades of Red, Green and Blue Available

f9f76  plasticraftmod3 PlastiCraft Screenshots

Picture 3 – All the shades of Grey Available

b85a1  plasticraftmod4 PlastiCraft Screenshots

Picture 4 – Logo made with PlastiCraft blocks and vanilla blocks

b85a1  plasticraftmod5 PlastiCraft Screenshots

Picture 5 – All the Colors Available in the mod

b4952  PlastiCraft Mod [1.4.7] PlastiCraft Mod Download

The PixelArt Mod for Minecraft

It’s a simple mod with 729 new blocks designed for PixelArt. All the blocks have solid colors and without any texture.


The blocks are only available in Creative Mode or through cheats

All the Blocks are named “Plastic #.#.#”, being the # representing the numbers between 0 and 8, or in other words the R.B.G values of the block.

Require: Minecraft Forge


  • Open the Start tab,
  • Write %appdata% in the “Search programs and file” tab,
  • Press “Enter” or click the “roaming” folder that appears,
  • Click on the “.minecraft” folder,
  • Click on the “bin” folder,
  • Right click the “minecraft” file (can appear like “minecraft.jar”),
  • Open it with WinRAR,
  • Open the “PlastiCraft.zip” file with WinRAR too,
  • Copy all the contents of the “PlastiCraft.zip” to “minecraft.jar”,
  • Delete the META-INF folder inside the “minecraft.jar”,
  • Close it and run the game.


  • Open the Magic Launcher,
  • Click on “Setup”,
  • Click on “Add”,
  • Select your download folder and then select “PlastiCraft.zip” file,
  • Click on “Open”,
  • It can appear the warning “No Mods Found”, just ignore that,
  • Be sure themod is below Forge
  • Click “Ok” or “Test”.


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