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In Summer, all rains will be thunderstorms. Instead of snowing, it will only rain in snowy biomes, but they won’t defrost. Wheat will also grow 1.5x faster than in any other season, as if absorbing all that yummy heat. When in a desert biome, exposed to the sun, and not wearing protection (leather), you’ll get hurt every so often from dehydration and burns. Summer rain will destroy most of the plants generated from Spring. Just like the Spring, it will defrost the ice/snow generated from Winter in non-snowy biomes. Finally, days are longer and nights are shorter(disabled).


Grass and Leaves have a modified color. Red and yellow flower textures change to accompany the color of the grass in Autumn. You’ll also get bonus wheat while harvesting.


It’s always snowing in Winter, except in the Desert. In already cold biomes such as Tundras, Taigas, and Ice Deserts, the temperature drops even further, and can cause frostbite and slow you down, unless you have on protection (full leather armor). Lastly, days are shorter and nights are longer(disabled).


Tall grass and plants (even custom plants, if added to the config) will grow on grass blocks affected by direct sunlight.




  • Version information is now saved for off-line notification, but is not intended to be opened except by the mod. File is config/Seasons/Seasons.wpvd.
  • Update notification now runs on dedicated servers.
  • Made version update notification more visually appealing on clients.
  • Download URLs from update notifications are no longer “null”.
  • Changed timing involved with update notifications.
  • Fixed frost and burn overlays not disappearing.
  • Slight improvement to overlay mechanics.
  • Removed unneeded render refreshes.
  • Players are once again slowed by frostbite. (bug since v1.6, Minecraft 1.3.2 versions)
  • Fixed crash involving dimensions added by some mods.
  • Corrected miscellaneous spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Fixed some minor, unreportable bugs


The Seasons Mod, originally by Nandonalt, is now updated! This mod adds the four seasons to Minecraft: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!


  • Season length is 7 Days long (default)
  • Creating/Loading a world without a season will make the world start in the middle of a random season.
  • Restart Minecraft when switching from SSP to SMP.
  • An image will be shown when transitioning from season to season, and will disappear after a few seconds.



  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Then drag and drop the contents of the .zip file into your minecraft.jar. Do not place this mod in your ‘mods’ folder.

Download links for other versions:







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