[1.4.7/1.4.6] [16x] Legopak Texture Pack Download

Why the low rating? You may ask. Well the thing is, a texture pack is supposed to change the look of minecraft to look better, correct? Well i cant say that this texture pack does that. However if you are a fan of Lego, the your view might be different. Obviously not everyone’s cup of tea. However, i really like the way that they did the TNT with the red and white stripes, it make it look like authentic lego. when you see  it you are like: hmm what is that and then you hear the slow hissing of it as someone flicks a redstone switch, and then you are running for your life cracking up as you do so. and the cows! you know when your old English teacher wears those really ugly gray scarf and your like what the hell was she thinking when she got dressed? well, they look like that. a dark brown shirt and dark brown pants. Of course with a hideous gray scarf. But, you know what? i like that, when a texture pack relates to your every day life, you know that the maker took his time to make it.

How to install Legopak Texture Pack

  1. Download Legopak Texture Pack
  2. Open %appdata%
  3. Go into your .minecraft
  4. Copy and paste it into your texture pack folder.

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