[1.4.7/1.4.6] [16x] Mythra’s Shining Force Texture Pack Download

If you are a 90′s kid, you will surely remember the Sega Mega Drive and the hours of fun it gave you. Certainly it gave you hours of fun playing your favorite games. Surely one of these games was “Shining Force” and you spent hours playing it. As the era of Sega Mega Drive passed, you must have missed the game. Thankfully this texture-pack made Shining Force resurrect in Minecraft. This texture pack was inspired by the game. Shining Force texture pack features the long forgotten textures and gives Minecraft a different look. Being a [16×16] texture pack, it is very detailed and high standard. The textures add the RPG style look to the game, and makes the world look bright and colorful. The thing that has to be noted, are the paintings. They are very sophisticated and stunning.

All of the elements of Shining force were added into them, making a large resemblance between the game and the Shining Force texture pack. The Sun and the moon have been changed into something much more astonishing than the original sun. The main menu was also changed, it became blue with gold lining, making it look in the 90′s game style. However, this texture pack is not only for those who have played Shining force or were born in the 90′s. It is also for those who are seeking a texture pack that can go well together with their RPG mod or for those who are just bored with the default texture pack. A lot of changes have been made to it since the release of this texture pack and now you can say it is on the edge of perfection. It is surely a must-try!

How to Install Mythra’s Shining Force Texture Pack 1.4c for Minecraft 1.4.5

  • Download the Shining Force texture pack
  • Open Minecraft and click on “texture pack”
  • Click “Open texture packs folder”
  • Drag your ShiningForce.zip/rar into the folder and close it
  • Select the texture pack in-game
  • Enjoy!!


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