FLOWERS?!?! (minecraft gameplay part 1)

My first video. Sorry for sound and graphic i will try to improve them. I love this game. I’m going try to upload a new video everyday. Like if you like. Bye.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. Very glad I got such good so much good support.I’ll DEFFINATLY going to
    make more for you guys after i get my new head set. Hope i can talk to you
    all soon!!

  2. Great first video, I subbed! If you love minecraft gaming videos then check
    out our awesome channel where we make episodes every single day! It would
    be awesome if you could sub back 😀

    BTW We are part of an awesome network called Alliance that helps small
    youtubers grow together! Cya soon!

  3. There’s just something weird about beating a pig to death with a porkchop..
    I liked your video though, so I subscribed. We’re also trying to make
    Minecraft videos. It’s a fun game :)



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