Minecraft PS4 Gameplay – Gamescom 2014

Check out the lava flow in this hot gameplay clip of Minecraft for the PS4.


  1. Looks better on XBOX

  2. Minecraft is only good on pc, on consoles they just steal your money for
    texture packs… which are free on pc.

  3. I run minecraft on my pc on 1080p 200 fps

  4. This game is so fucking ugly. I just don’t understand how this game is fun.
    Like someone please explain how this is fun and what the concept or story
    is to this game.

  5. For all the peeps out their saying
    “no graphic upgrade why buy?”
    Because of the PS4’s power we get larger worlds and larger render distance.
    Not everything is about graphics 

  6. Wow the PS4 has some shitty graphics

  7. Looks exactly like xbox version

  8. Wait i dont get it,its pretty much the xbox version but with playstation
    controls..why did it take that long to make..?

  9. wow ps4’s graphics really sucks

  10. Playstation is barely getting Minecraft? Lmfao xbox had it for so long that
    just proves xbox is better.

  11. whats the diffrent between this and the ps3? they look exactly the same
    No Graphics improvments No shaders… ETC

  12. PC version is way better than this piece of shit ps4 version. You console
    peasants really are something else, especially the whiney sony pony twats.
    hah they would say pretty much anything to defend their crap WEAK console.
    This looks better on ps4? haha wow don’t make me laugh. ps4 version fucking
    sucks and it looks exactly like the xbox360 version.. So yah,

    PC > XboxOne > Nintendo > PS4….

    PS4 is last because the sony community is annoying and nothing but
    butthurt console peasants all the time.

  13. XboxBone fan boys are funny…Thank god I burned my xbox360.

  14. Great video IGN… -.-

  15. Oh man. Too bad ps4 doesn’t even have half of what PC does or enough power
    to have it run without lag

  16. Everybody who says that the Xbox One, is better than the PS4. Go look it
    up, you’ll change your mind!

  17. What is the point? No graphical changes

  18. PS Vita?

  19. Minecraft looks a bit more realistic on the Xbox One version . The pixels
    are more squarish on the Xbox One version than the PS4 . Overall I think it
    looks better than the poorly job of what you Sony Ponies consider graphical
    fidelity on the broke boy $399 PS4 . That’s why when the game comes out I
    can say “Xbox Go To Minecraft” and you dumb bitches gotta scroll to your
    shitty ass Minecraft with bad graphics . I think the game should should’ve
    been an Xbox One next generation exclusive , I feel the PS4 isn’t powerful
    enough to run Minecraft at full 1080p 60fps without lagging to 23fps ! I
    heard that we get early DLC on all the ex,cursive ski packs and that we get
    the game for $4.99 and you have to pay $24.99 ! Hahaha in your dumb fanboy
    faces ! All you broke ass PS4 fanboys gonna learn today !

  20. Still no wii u

  21. I mean on the vita the graphics DO look more pixilated while this just
    looks like regular minecraft. There really isn’t such a thing when it comes
    to “graphics” on minecraft. 

  22. I’m excited for minecraft, but I know that I shouldn’t play with kids. I’ll
    get all trophies in single player first then I’ll see about multplayer. If
    it’s a kid, I’m gone!

  23. I have PC Minecraft and it is better in every way. However it is still a
    great game on consoles it lets me play with friends who dont have mc pc.

  24. Sony Fanboys be like: this game looks better on the PS4 then on Xbox One



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