[1.4.7/1.4.6] Ancient Warfare Mod Download




  • NEW–Integrated NEI Plugin (NEI not needed, but supported with a single download). (Only in MC1.4.6)
  • FIX–Remove broken vehicle tracking system, instead using Forge/FML’s persistent entity ID system. The old system was a holdout from 1.2.5, and badly needed to go; solves the following issues:
    • FIX–Minor memory leaks from old vehicle tracking system. There is now no additional memory overhead/use, as I’m using the built in system.
    • FIX–A Long-standing vehicle synch/ghosting bug, related to incorrect entries in the old tracking system.
    • FIX–Vehicle remotes should be much more reliable on grabbing the correct vehicle. However, they should now only trigger for vehicles in loaded chunks. Also, all previous flag bindings will be lost–the flags themselves should be reset to a new unbound status.
  • NEW–Vehicle remote interaction GUI
  • ADJUSTED–Removed vehicle fire-flag. There is now only one vehicle remote control. Default right-click action is to remote-fire a missile. To open the remote stats GUI, shift-right click. Binding is accomplished the same as always (attack the vehicle once). Binding may be cleared from the stats GUI (shift-right click).
  • FIX–Hostile structure generator will now properly open the GUI even if you have a block targeted.
  • FIX–Soldiers will properly drop items on death again.
  • FIX–Crash-inducing bug related to team-control center and interacting with no item equipped (forgot a null check on the recent patch to reset teams).
  • ADJUSTED–Vehicles will now, 70% of the time, drop their ammo bay on destruction (the most expensive part of crafting most siege engines).
  • NEW–Vehicles (All of them) may now be repacked into an item through the main vehicle GUI (the ‘Pack’) button. Any items they are carrying will be ejected into the world.
  • FIX–Gates should now properly save their powered state on load/unload. Fixes issue of gates that were ‘locked’ with redstone activating as soon as the world was reloaded (probably happened on chunk re-loads as well).
  • FIX–Slightly adjusted aiming parameters for soldiers on Ballista Turrets; as a result their aim should be more reliable an when using these vehicles.
  • FIX–Resolve several GUI related issues that arose due to MC code changes (would cause container/inventory de-synch for player, resulting in a crash on opening certain GUIs). I may not have found all of these instances, if you encounter any strange crashes (they do not list CatapultMod in the stack trace) please let me know.
  • FIX–Hostile Structure generator item will now clear internal blocks for structures generated.
  • FIX–Re-enable force-leaving of a team in 1.4.6 (there was some unforseen code-changes in MC code)
  • FIX–Clean up some synching issues when force-leaving a team (it should now properly clear status on team blocks, and reset team blocks if necessary).

This mod is dedicated to bringing all sorts of ancient-warfare related tools and machinery to the Minecraft world.


  • Now available for MC 1.4.7/1.4.6
  • Uses Forge for Mod compatibility.
  • SMP support — blow up your friends (and enemies)(lan & dedicated server)
  • Vehicles have multiple ammunition types, ammo slots/ammo bay to store ammo in, and consume ammo as fired.
  • Vehicles have multiple upgrade options to enhance or change various characteristics
  • Armor is available to help protect your vehicle from different types of damage. (General, Fire, Explosion)
  • Vehicles have unique handling and aiming characteristics, and each is a different experience to use.
  • Vehicles and gates are repairable, so your investment doesn’t _have_ to get destroyed.
  • Now with Soldiers!



  • Download and install Minecraft Forge in the Minecraft.jar as-per their instructions.
  • DO delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar
  • Run client once to make /mods folder appear(or create it manually)
  • Download the mod .zip file and install this in the mods folder in your minecraft directory like any other Forge/ModLoader mod

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