No her’s Luck’s Edge is technically an iron sword, but what “major” thing that cause the defference between the luck’s edge and the iron sword is the effects. Luck’s Edge is an Iron Sword embled with luck...[Read More]

Minecraft, what a beautiful game who thought a game about blocks could ever be so beautiful. But with the amazing mountains and multi-biomes Minecraft adds up to be a pretty beautiful game. But then you see the water, just blue. No depth, o...[Read More]

The Adriorn’s Básico Texure Pack tries to do something simple and clean, like what most 16x Texture Packs does, however this one isn’t. A mixture of simple, but realistic Texture Pack and some creative things added as well. The ...[Read More]

Bowoooooooo! Wolves, Better Than Wolves and many mods that includes wolves. But today, it isn’t about a mod that includes wolves or any thing about mod. Instead, it is about a Texture Pack! Well, WolfCraft got nothing to do with wolve...[Read More]

Yes. Again, this is one of the most awesome Mod in the forums. All those Aether Mod, Better Than Wolves, and many more awesome + big Mods are here at Minecraft DL Talking about the Clay Soldier Mod, there are soo many things to explain abou...[Read More]

Minecraft 1.2.5 is here, and it wont be long until Single Player Commands Mod for Minecraft is updated too. If you aren’t aware of the Single Player Commands Mod, it’s the Mod that gives you the ability to type commands into your game and d...[Read More]

Minecraft… is a block, pixel stacking game, everything is made from pixels and blocks, even the minecraft characters which people usually called “steeve” is made from block. Now “steeve” is “probably̶...[Read More]

Sinecraft is a default size and resolution texture pack ( 16 x 16). It is available in Minecraft 1.0.0 the full edition. It’s a simple texture pack textures and features. This is the first texture pack the developer made from scratch. He ma...[Read More]

Redwood is a texture pack up to date with the Minecraft 1.2.5 texture pack. The texture pack has been around since the Halloween update, the developer asks for constructive criticism to improve the texture pack. The texture pack is very clo...[Read More]

“Best” texture pack, the best that I’ve never written about in my life. Soartex HD Smooth Texture Pack is absolutely the texture pack that you “have” to try and this is the best HD texutre pack you would ever t...[Read More]

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