To put it simply, Better With Mods Mod is a personal passion project. The more direct answer is that it is a reimagining of the FlowerChild’s Better Than Wolves Mod, utilizing the standards set by the Beta 1.7.3 version, adapting and adding...[Read More]

Morph-o-Tool Mod is a simple mod because it provides you with only a single item, the Morphing Tool. This tool can mimic any wrench, screwdriver, hammer or wand made of twigs and petals, making it to become the perfect “omni-wrench” style i...[Read More]

Torch Arrows Mod allow you to light up areas from a distance. No longer will you need to build cobblestone towers or cut stairs into the sides of ravines to place torches in high up dark areas. Made similarly to regular arrows, but with a p...[Read More]

The main focus of TabbyChat 2 Mod is to add tabs to chat and provide an API for adding messages to them. Additionally, it parses the chat for channels and PMs, then separates them to different tabs. Features: Enhanced chat box Movable Resiz...[Read More]

Are you hungry all the time and always looking for food.  Then look no further. Edible Bugs Mod adds bugs to block drops.  Dig dirt, grass blocks, sand,  or cut down trees and pick up bugs that you can eat. How to use: Search for termite mo...[Read More]

Open Glider Mod adds a hang glider to Minecraft, allowing you to soar through the skies and explore your world’s beauty. Notable Features A fluid flight motion and naturally immersive controls. A novel system of wind that you must combat to...[Read More]

Gravel Miner Mod will make your mining trips more enjoyable by getting rid of the falling gravel problem that everyone has run into before. You can either: Install it on your client and it will automatically place torches from your hotbar b...[Read More]

Pam’s BoneCraft Mod adds in a set of armor and tools made from bone and fossil ‘ore’ that drop bones along with a crafting recipe of two bone into four sticks. Features: Items: Bone Helmet Bone Chestplate Bone Leggings Bone Boots Bone PickA...[Read More]

Extra Bit Manipulation Mod is an addon to the Chisels and Bits mod. It adds a wrench that rotates/mirrors/translates/inverts chiseled blocks, and sculpting wires/spades that remove/add cuboidal/ellipsoidal/cylindrical/conic/pyramidal areas ...[Read More]

Roots Mod is a simple magic mod based around using the innate powers of various living things to do magic. Getting Started: All of the mod’s features are documented in an item known as the Runic Tablet. First, break tall grass until you fin...[Read More]

Just Enough Buttons Mod is a small client-side mod with no dependencies, which adds some utility buttons to the inventory screen. Features These buttons are more or less just shortcuts to the commands, e.g. clicking on kill all entities wil...[Read More]

Desert Craft Mod is a simple tweak to add more to desert biomes. Vanilla Minecraft seems to be a bit lacking when it comes to deserts and this mod aims to fill them up a bit. Now you have more cactus varieties, flowers and dry grasses. But ...[Read More]

mxTune Mod is a music mod that lets you play MML files. mxTune mod adds musical instruments that allow you to play music in MML format. This is a format already used in some popular online games so there are many tunes available or you can ...[Read More]

Refined Storage gives players access to all their items at once. These items are stored safely in one of the many storage capabilities that the mod offers. The mod is not only used to get access to items in one handy interface, but also to ...[Read More]

Environmental Tech Mod containing a vast selection of Multiblock machines. This mod is still in the very early stages and has a lot more to come. This is geared towards late-middle to late game. Every multiblock has multiple tiers that have...[Read More]

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