Playing Super Stick Sword Mod might relax you because of a simple rule after a hard-working day. In this mod, the player is equipped with a simple tool: Super Stick Sword. It not only deals 100 damage but has a durability of 2500 as well. T...[Read More]

Realistic flight in Minecraft has never really been implemented. Even the elytra doesn’t take into account true aerodynamics. Minecraft Flight Simulator aim to change all this, by introducing planes that handle like actual planes. To do thi...[Read More]

Ender Zoo Mod adds new mobs into Minecraft. You will find new skeletons, witches, crazy cats, wolves, and much more. This mod also adds in potions, tnt, and new enchantments. This mod focuses primarily on a small collection of endearing fai...[Read More]

Bagginses Mod adds wool based bags to store items with 2 tiers and a variety of colors. It also adds a Void Bag to easily delete items. Features: 2 Tiers of bags in 16(!) different colors at your disposal. A magical void bag. Put stuff in i...[Read More]

JourneyMap is a client mod which maps your Minecraft world in real-time as you explore.  You can view the map in-game or in a web browser.  It works in single-player and multi-player worlds, including MultiVerse-enabled servers.  (No server...[Read More]

Harry Potter teleporting Fans of Harry Potter will know that Floo Powder is a special powder that, when thrown into a fire, turns the flames “emerald green” and allows the user to teleport between fireplaces. This is the premise of the mod....[Read More]

With Apple Shields Mod, an apple a day keeps the mobs at bay. Shields & Items White Apple Can be consumed. Has the same stats as standard Apple Used in crafting the iShield (Non RF) White Apple (Variant2 for RF Option) Can be consumed. ...[Read More]

Features: Works both above and under ground. Cave maps. Displays mobs on the map as yellow dots. Displays players on the map as white dots. Displays items on the map as red dots. Displays all the other entities such as arrows and item frame...[Read More]

Mod Features: Potion effects outside of inventory Armor/Food info outside of inventory (More to come) Item enchants outside of inventory Quick eat. Holding one button does all the work: selects food, eats food, switches back to your weapon ...[Read More]

More Overlays Mod adds some of the overlays from Not Enough Items. This mod is client side only. Overlays: Chunk Boundaries Light Level / Mob spawns ( 16 block range ) Item search (only if JEI is installed) Default Keys: F9 : Chunk Boundari...[Read More]

Simply Caterpillar mod adds a drill that makes 3×3 mineshafts for you. It is split off from Caterpillar mod, the gameplay based more on the original concept than what Caterpillar has become. Features: Drill Heads – The main part of the dril...[Read More]

Dynamic Lights Mod is an useful mod in Minecraft that makes exploring caves easier and adds a few brilliant touches with Minecraft’s lighting system. When holding a torch, glowstone, etc. it will light up the surrounding area. Similarly, if...[Read More]

This mod adds a single block: A torch. This torch has a very special ability: it can increase the speed (tick rate) of nearby blocks. Right click it to change the AOE (mode) and shift-right click to change the speed. Redstone can also disab...[Read More]

ViesCraft Mod brings something new to Minecraft, the ability to create airships. Note for servers, you must enable flying in the server configs. Requires: Minecraft Forge

SpawnerCraft mod allows you to have the power and convenience of moving and creating (standard) spawners in survival. By collecting the essence of the mob, you are able to infuse a mob cage with the mob to create a spawner, or to spawn mobs...[Read More]

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