This mod adds in everything squid Installation: Download and install Minecraft Forge Download Derpy Squid Mod Put Derpy Squid Mod zip file into your /.minecraft/mods folder. Do not unzip it. Done This Mod works both SSP and SMP

Customize your Friends’ Names and Give them Capes/Cloaks! FriendColour is a client mod that allows you to give your mates cloaks, an extra nameplate tag and the most useful feature: customize your friends’ names and add colours etc.! It is ...[Read More]

Myths and Monsters Mod adds a ton of new items and weapons and a very nice amount of mobs too based on monsters from mythology. Monsters include Giant Trees, Giant Mountain Trolls, Golden Sheep and many, many more! Installation: Download an...[Read More]

The Table Set mod adds chairs and table to minecraft. You can use the table to display any items/ place the items on top of the table. This mod is made by VIII Crafting these new items is super easy and only requires a few planks of wood, s...[Read More]

The Resident Evil mod brings brand new features to Minecraft from CAPCOM’s game franchise RESIDENT EVIL. This includes new items, armor and brand new frightening mobs to bring back those haunting memories of playing Resident Evil. The mod w...[Read More]

Dan from The Diamond Minecart demonstrates the Thievius Raccoonis Mod which is a mod dedicated to the awesome game, Sly Cooper. Don the outfit of your favourite Raccoon Spy and then take to his duty by climbing poles and navigating high wir...[Read More]

As we know minecraft is already the mario type of game in which most of it are about “blocks” so this theme kinda sink together with the game. This mod adds you a billion new things, everything in minecraft changes accept the creepers in wh...[Read More]

Minecraft was dull until hostile monsters were introduced. Believe it or not, but a large majority of minecraft users are entertained mainly because of this feature simply because the hostile mobs made survival much harder. Over time mobs h...[Read More]

People make mods to make the game more fun and exciting. However, many people make mods to fix things and make things more convenient. Sometimes, players get bugged with very small things. Mods adding and changing some parts of the game com...[Read More]

Have you ever found yourself lonely in your world, with no-one to spend your time with? No story to minecraft? Or even just want to create an extraordinary adventure map? Well with the custom npcs mod you can fill your world with millions o...[Read More]

Minecraft has a lot of cool mobs and monsters which make your day worse and your adventures fun. However, there are annoying mobs like the silverfish, it just attack suddenly and then runs away. Here are Rust Monsters. They live underground...[Read More]

Apparently have you ever felt that minecraft’s jungles are abit too small? If so then this mod belongs to you. You probably have an idea of making a  treehouse before in minecraft but again with those trees you aren’t able to make one which...[Read More]

The Better Dungeons Mod by Chocolatin is a really expansive Minecraft mods that add new mobs and expansive dungeons to the regular Minecraft biomes. These dungeons range from Pirate ships to volcanoes and really add a sense of depth and adv...[Read More]

Well really, what I’ve got for you here is very creative. I mean it isn’t a surprise that someone thought about it, but its just the kind of thing you never really think of but can get really fun. Jumping down from a very high cliff? Yes, p...[Read More]

Our minecraft world is nearly completed, we have humans we have zombies we have animals and the environment were just perfect. If we ever think about something that minecraft lacks which is different from reality would be these little livin...[Read More]

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