Throughout the ages, the mysterious entity known as the Slenderman has invaded people’s minds, art and stories. He has abducted numerous children, killed countless souls and driven many to insanity. And now, he’s invaded minecraft! This mod...[Read More]

Ever felt the urge to become a super hero? All the time? Well, now you can! At least in Minecraft… and we all know that’s real life! Fly like an eagle! Blow ­ up! Set Sheep on fire! Jump super high! Breathe underwater and swim with the squi...[Read More]

This is very simple mod(well, barely a mod – just couple of lines of code). Note: This mod will work even with texture packs. That means if you install both this mod and custom texture pack, gravel will have the old (1.2.5) texture (NOT the...[Read More]

Vanilla Minecraft sometimes in all its glory does not satisfy the experienced adventurer with its limited choice of ores, that is why that this modification is great! It expands your choice of ores and changes the way you go about, and your...[Read More]

In this mod are 21 new kinds of pickaxes. (Crafting in the top). It’s very funney. You can enchant the pickaxes. The pickaxes are: Mega Pickaxe Magma Pickaxe Obsidian Pickaxe Sandstone Pickaxe Dirt Pickaxe Gravel Pickaxe Netherrack Pickaxe ...[Read More]

EasyBuilding is a mod intended to take the repetitiveness out of building. The Ghost Block The ghost block is a controllable block that allows you to place the block you currently have in your hand at it’s position. By default the controls ...[Read More]

Netherrocks is, like SimpleOres mod, a fairly small mod that, you guessed it, adds ores to the Nether. Netherrocks adds six (6!) new ores to the Nether, each with different strengths and weaknesses. These six ores are: fyrite, malachite, as...[Read More]

RuneCraftory is the name of the collection of mods inspired by the popular RPGs: Rune Factory & Harvest Moon. Each of these mods can be installed individually, or used together as one for a unique Minecraft experience. FarmCraftory is a...[Read More]

Installation: Client 1. Go to your minecraft folder. (If you don’t know how to, look it up) 2. Place the zip file in the /mods/ folder and run the game. 3. If you want to change a setting (eg: a block id), go to /config/ and open “PortalGun...[Read More]

Millénaire is a single-player mod for Minecraft. It aims to fill the “emptyness” of single-player worlds by adding NPC villages to it, with loose 11th-century Norman, North Indian and Mayans themes and additional cultures planned. Villages ...[Read More]

We all know what it is like to acumulate huge amounts of cobblestone when you are mining for resources. Then you have a whole room full of chests full of cobblestone. Maybe you try and build with it, or just throw it away in a lava pit. Thi...[Read More]

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