[1.10.2] Freestyle Parkour Map Download

Say goodbye to hard and unfair parkour maps and say hello to pure and good fun! Welcome to Freestyle Parkour, the most relaxing parkour map you might ever find!*

Freestyle Parkour boasts thirty fun and moderately easy levels that are guaranteed to give you a good time! Take a break from all the quads and annoying jumps, and enjoy yourself in this map!

This map can be played with any amount of players, so bring all your friends for the fun! There are not very many restrictions, and even less quad jumps!

Plus, lots of guaranteed BANTER AND checkpoints aplenty! What more could you ask for?

So why not give it a try?! There are no rules to this, just do it your way!

*-you need to be at least decent at parkour to get the most out of this (or just have pro friends that you can tp to)


  • Allow Command Blocks
  • Make Sure You Are In Correct Version
  • Abuse All Of The Glitches!




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