[1.10.2] Map Exe Download

In this map you have to pass 10 different designed levels using a completely new game mechanic in Minecraft:

You can record your movement and replay it to activate pressure plates with your clone. Also new mechanisms will be introduced during the map, for example a teleportation item or a platform to be lifted by the clone. Furthermore a unique resourcepack and a custom story is included in this map.


  • two different story endings
  • collectables
  • unique game mechanics
  • innovative boss fight
  • elaborate design of every single level
  • more than 170 hours of work

Important Info:

  • this is a singleplayer-map, do not play this map on a server!
  • (no, this is not a horror map)
  • If you have a very weak computer the map may not work correctly (due to the massive amount of entities needed to run the main game mechanism)
  • If you record this map for Youtube please make sure to credit all of the creators in the description (It took very long to create this map so this would be appropriate)
  • there are a few unfixable bugs in the map (e.g doors open permanently for no reason). These bugs exist due to minecraft itself and cannot be prevented. We really apologize for those, but they are very unlikely to appear.
  • Remember to play the map with the minecraft version 1.10.2! It won’t work with newer ones!


Map Trailer:



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