[1.11.2] Find the Buttons for Legends Map Download

This map is designed for the hardcore button map players. Because we love to play this game, we designed 25 stages to find a button on a fun way. You can play with your friends and watch the score.

We tested the map multiple times, also with test players. Every level is possible, but sometimes you need some jump skills to find the buttons. If you don’t like this, you may want to skip this map.

We created an advance score system. Players have a choice to receive a hint, but they will be punished by losing 1 point.

This is our first map, so we hope you like the game and let us know if you liked it or not.


  • Play in Adventure mode.
  • Do not cheat.




  1. You didn’t light up the place properly so there were a lot of Zombies then there was a Creeper on lvl 6 and it exploded and you used the wrong stone bricks so there were silverfish when the creeper exploded I could not play the map

  2. I agree with the commenter above. impossible to play



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