[1.11.2] Oscilight: The Dark Extension Map Download


Oscilight: The Dark Extension is the fourth map in my custom puzzle map series. However, playing the previous maps is not necessary. You simply need to understand the basic mechanics, which will be outlined below.

This map takes place in the darkness, and your goal is to solve the single over-arching puzzle by solving the little ones. The map should be self-explanatory, despite the lack of information provided within it. I believe that you can complete it without anything more than knowledge of the light mechanics. Otherwise, it’s all down to you figuring it all out.


  • Green goes up.
  • Red goes down.
  • Blue goes across (you can’t jump on it).
  • Orange and Purple appear only when activated.
  • Locked light (green and red) appears dark and will not work until activated.

Taking any damage will reset the map, so don’t fall more than 3 blocks.

Touching ‘dark’ blocks will also count as a fail. They will be clear in the level.

You can also reset the map manually by right-clicking the ‘Reset’ item in your hotbar.


  • Singleplayer
  • Minecraft 1.11.2
  • A resource pack is included in the map download and should apply automatically



  • Updated Locked Green Light texture to make it clearer to distinguish from Unlocked Green Light.
  • Updated Locked Red Light texture to make it clearer to distinguish from Unlocked Red Light.
  • Updated Darkness (Killable) texture to blend in with the rest of the… darkness.
  • Added a Lore to the Reset item to describe its use.
  • Removed the ability (mostly) to use the Reset item before entering the actual map.
  • Removed the Green Beacon being activated before entering the actual map.
  • Fixed an issue where pressure plates would be removed before the effect they caused was executed.
  • Fixed an issue in the White Level where players could jump directly to the end. (Thankfully, no player abused this as far as I know before I realised this)


  • Attempted to fix an issue where some levels would get stuck while loading.


  • Changed the system such that using the Reset item before starting causes no issues.


Map Trailer:



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